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Testimonials (2008)

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Hi Dora,
I did receive my labels, opened the boxes and they look awesome. Thank you so much for getting them made and sent to me so quickly. I really appreciate the work you ladies do over there with Lisa. I hope you and your team have a wonderful holiday season.
Will, Kaotik Klothing 12/08
Hi Yes! I received the invoice with the sample label. It looks wonderful!! Thank you so much! We LOVE it!!  The rest of the labels were delivered to our shirt distributor yesterday, so i'm sure there were no problems on their end.
Thank you again! Happy Holidays!
Yes please do! We are so impressed and really excited! Thanks so much! 12/08

Hi Dora!
 These labels look just as wonderful
as our previous orders.  :) 
Many, many thanks. 
Have a fantastic Christmas season... :) 
Lin at the Funny Farm 12/08
I got them and they look good.  
Thanks 12/08n
Printed labels
Dear Dora,
The labels are perfect.  We are very pleased with your product.
We will continue to place our label orders with your company.  The labels are of excellent quality and the attention to detail is clear.
We appreciate your emphasis on customer service.  Everyone we've dealt with has been a delight.
Many thanks,
Bethanne Knudson 12/08
The labels arrived, are perfect, and are already ironed onto the yarmulkes ! 12/08
Hi Dora:
  I received the hang tags and they are just great.
Thank you so much!   -Rachel Galloway 12/08
I received the labels and they look great.  
Thank you!
Leslie Leukhardt 12/08
Yes!  They got here much faster than expected, thank goodness, since I didn't plan ahead and had an order waiting on them. 
You saved the day!  Thanks so much!
-PS - they are perfect! 12/08
I received the tags and just wanted to say thank you.  They looked great!  And the freebies were quite generous.  I am going to post up your card around the buildings out here because I think there are a few more clothing designers in the area. they arrived in great condition and are very well made.   thank you so much.
Tyler Turnbull
Digital Artist 12/08
Thank you so much for the labels. I received them today and they look great! Also, thank you for your quick response.
Thank you, KarenCayson 12/08

"Lisa at ClothingLabels4U worked closely with us to develop unique custom woven labels that have added significant value to our products." "ClothingLabels4U has been a great partner to work with and we look forward to continuously working closely with them as we grow."
William 12/08
I got the labels and quickly looked them over. they look really nice.thank you,
esti 12/08
We recieved the labels they are great.
Thank You 12/08

Yes, they arrived.  Thanks so much.  They look good.
Thanks, Augusto 12/08
Thank you for your personalized service. I was unsure which choice of label would best suit my needs and concerned about cost. Charlotte asked me what I needed to accomplish with my label and her suggestions were exactly right. Your finished product arrived and I was so pleased with my labels. Thanks again
MaryPat Lay,
 Mountain and Jingles Enterprises LLC 12/08
Printed labels
They are beautiful, thank you Dora!
Theresa 12/08
Yes they did and I LOVE them!!!
I've meant to write but've just been swamped getting ready for shows -The labels make everything look so much crisper -THANK YOU!!! Please tell Lisa I'm thrilled w/ them!I'll be back in touch for some other things soon - Lorrie12/08
Yes, I received them and they look great.
Thanks so much! 12/08

yep they are fabulous!! thanks 12/08
Printed labels
Yes, I did receive them and they look great.
Thanks,  Helen  12/08
yes i got them and they look great! thanks for everything! when i need another batch i will definitely contact you to reorder. thanks a bunch!! you guys are wonderful.....christina :) 12/08
i love them!!! Thank you so much!!!!Absolutely! Thank you so much, they are beautiful and make me so happy to use them, I can not wait to hear the response from my Dolly girls, I know they will all love them too!! 12/08
I received my labels yesterday.  I will look them over to make sure they are all ok.  I love them.  They are adorable. 11/08
Our labels have arrived and they are wonderful! 
I can’t thank you enough for helping us during every step of this process. Your expertise was essential in getting this label right and we couldn’t be more pleased.
Joyce 11/08
"I just received my labels and they are absolutely amazing! The colors and quality of the labels are unmatched! It was a hundred times better than I had expected and hoped for. Thank you Charlotte for all your patience and help throughout the process! I know you worked tirelessly and effortlessly on my project! I am so excited to put my labels on my clothes! I LOVE THEM and highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for high quality labels and excellent customer service!!! Thank you!!!" 11/08
Dora, Hi,
 Just got them, as usual they are wonderful!! You guys do such a great job and it is so nice as a small business to find a company like yours that makes it easy for us to look very professional!! Have a great week.

Claire Cintel . Owner/Designer
Kensington Baby 11/08

Dora, The labels we ordered have arrived and we are very pleased with the result! Thank you very much,
ohn Lloyd 11/08

Hi Dora,
Thanks for checking in.  We did receive the labels.  They look great! Thank you very much.
Dorie 11/08

I received everything and they look perfect.
Thank you, That was very fast

Nataly 11/08
embroidered patches
Embroidered Patches
Hi Dora,

Just wanted to let you know we did get the patches and they look great!!!  Thanks so much.  We look forward to working with you all again!!
Sure!  Seeing the testimonials and pictures of the products you have done were a big part of us choosing to go with you all, really great!!

Take care, Sue 11/08
Got the labels, they are PERFECT I love them!!! Thank you so much.
When I need more I will contact you.
Rhonda 11/08
Hi Dora,
The labels arrived and they look great!  I am very happy with them, and will be in touch as I would like to make another label using part of the logo.  Thanks!
thanks so much! they look great!
kristy overman
krusty hats
can you say they kick ass?11/08
hey Dora,
the labels arrived Friday.  they look great.  Thank you so much.  I will contact you when I need to order more. Have a great day.
Cathy 11/08
Hello Dora,

I received my patch order yesterday and
everything looks great !
Good-lookin out !
Thanks, Mike 11/08
Hi Lisa, I got my new tiny labels and    I LOVE THEM! Thank you....Ruby
But of course!!I love working with you Lisa, I think we spoke only once on the phone when I first had my labels made. The rest of the time has been via e-mail and you still provide me with great personal assistance!! You rock....... 11/08
yes I got my labels and i'm just thrilled with them!
I cannot tell you how happy I am with the speedy turn around. Thank you for getting them to me in such a hurry.
I will most certainly do business with you
again in the future! thank you,
jeff 11/08

...."We were thrilled with how our labels turned out.  Everyone at Clothing Labels 4U was very easy to work with, and the end result was exactly what we wanted it to be!" 
  Sarah with 11/08

We received our shipment and the ribbon looks great! Thank you!” As always, it was a pleasure working with you…11/08

thanks again for the label everything came out like we want it. thank you lisa for the help. you can be sure we' ll be back for more. 11/08

Hi Dora,The labels were received and look great!

The labels are awesome, great quality and I like them a lot. Can't wait to incorporate them into my product.
Thank you very much"
Natalja Millsap 11/08
I received my clothing labels from ClothingLabels  The quality of the label was amazing and exactly what I had designed.  I am very impressed with the professionalism and impeccable quality of their product they did for my gown company. 
I will use them again and again in the future as well as recommend them to fellow designers."
Frankie Simmons11/08
Dora & Lisa,
YES! They're perfect. Thank you so much.
You guys are great...
Gabriela 11/08

They’re here and they are perfect!!!!!  Thank you – it was a pain free process.  Marieluise 11/08

Yes, I have received my labels and the look wonderful. 11/08
Thank you for the labels - they look great!!!
 Jennifer D. Sung 11/08

The labels arrived yesterday afternoon & look great.  I am excited to get them on my bags.
Thank you
Jamie 11/08
Hey Dora,
We definitely recieved our labels and they look awesome!
We are all very excited and we thank you and clothinglabels4u, for all they great work!
We'll definitely be doing all our future label orders from your guys, for many years to come :)
Thanks, Have a good one!
-Edwin 11/08

yes they are very beautifully done. 
Thank you so much,
Stephanie 11/08

Dear Lisa,

Thank you so much for our labels and such prompt service! The labels look just great! Very good quality and awesome colours.

Best wishes

Natallia Antanovich. Founder 11/08

Hello Dora,
The labels arrived and they look great!! I love doing business with you. You guys are always so quick!

Dear Lisa,
I  just got my labels and they are beautiful!!!! Thanks for all your help! I am  glad I chose to go with you. I wish you the best.   Sally 10/08
Custom Labels
woven logo labels
My labels are wonderful and have added such a finishing touch to my designs.
 Thank you 10/08
Thank you for checking an making sure that the labels got here, and that they are look o.k. 
They got here and they look great.  thank  you for good work and I look forwarded to working with you again when we need more labels, our and of the other things that your offer.  10/08
Custom Labels
Logo Custom Labels
Dear Dora
Yes received the labels and they look great - thanks for all your help... 10/08

I got the labels today and they are great!  Thanks a lot for the speediness.  I really appreciate it! 10/08

custom Labels
Custom Labels
I received my labels today and absolutely love them. I can't wait until I can order some other colors. By the way, the color of these turned out perfect. Thanks you very much.
Michelle, Berkshire Bags 10/08
Hi Dora,
Yes the labels arrived and are awesome!!  Thank you so much for a great job.   
Janice 10/08
woven Logo labels
custom labels
They did thank you and they are GREAT!
  Thank you,
  Greg 10/08
Hi Dora,
Yes, we received the labels and are 100% satisfied! The labels came out beautifully...better than we could have expected, and your service to our business has been continually fast and efficient. Thank you so much!
Jenny Doane 10/08
Dora, I just opened the box and the labels look great! Please thank Lisa so
much!I am so happy and cannot tell you how much it meant to me that your personal attention to these was given! They are exactly right!

Looking forward to using you again when I need more labels. Vanessa 10/08
 I received the labels the other day. 
They look good.
 Thanks, Peter M 10/08
custom labels
I did receive them and they look great.
Stephanie. 10/08
Hi Lisa,
They arrived and look great.Of course!
I love these labels and can't wait to sew them on my art pieces!
Thank you,
Kathy 10/08
custom labels
Woven labels
The labels came and they look great! They arrived much quicker than I
anticipated. Thank you very much!
Richard 10/08
In short-
I *love* them.
Thank you so much,
Nightwing 10/08
"I could not be more pleased and impressed with's quality of work, customer service and affordability.  It's no wonder they are the leader in their industry.  They are the only label and hangtag company I refer to friends, family, peers and fellow business owners." 
-Jon Mishner, Owner of Eleven O Twelve Clothing Company 10/08

The labels look great. Thank you very much.
Most sincerely,
Louise Cutting 10/08
Custom Labels
Yes, I received the labels and they look wonderful.  Thank you and I will definitely order more when I run out.
Jeanne L 10/08
We got them, and they look very good . Thanks 10/08
Hi Dora,
Yes, my labels have safely arrived and I love them.
Suze Perrott 10/08

We did receive the labels and they were everything we expected and more! Thanks so much for the wonderful work and the ability to process our order so fast. 10/08

Hi - Yes thank-you and I have received my Hang Tags .  They are great quality - really happy with them.  Many thanks, Jana Mosher beltz 4 kidz 10/08
Hi Lisa.  We just got our labels and you would think my mom won the lottery.  Thank you so much for processing our order so quickly......10/08
Printed labels
thermal printed labels
Oh sorry Dora! I forgot to let you know. Yes they arrived some time ago, already using them. They were perfect thanks!
Always great service!10/08
Hello,  Yes, thank you for asking, the labels arrived safe and sound!  I love them and I will order again from you when I need more. Thank you for checking.
I also want to say that the company took very good care of me and the quality of the label is excellent! I highly recommend you!
Susan Babila 9/08
They are fine, we like them very much.

Thank you,
Don Conner 9/08
Thanks Dora. We have received them and
they are great.
custom logo labels
thanks so much for the labels they turned out good...inspected most of them and they look good but going to inspect more when the sewing process is started...

thanks so much
albert 9/08
Yes, thank-you they are wonderfull! 9/08
Custom Labels
Hi Dora,

We just received the shipment, the  labels look great!

Thanks! Amanda 9/08

It was a pleasure working with you!  You did a great job, the labels look great!  Thanks so much for everything!
Kim Michie
Custom Woven Labels
Hello Dora,
The labels arrived yesterday and they look great!  Thank you for such prompt great service and all the extra goodies you threw in!  I will let you all know when I need more.Sure -
I think you all are terrific! I couldn't be more pleased.
Sincerely, Susan 9/08
Yes I am very happy with them !!
thank you!!!!!!! 9/08

Custom Labels


Thanks so much. I received them today and they look GREAT!!!!!Eileen Levine 9/08

hi there, got them and they look great! 
thanks so much.
annie 9/08
Custom Lables

They are perfect and I love them. 

Of course….I will be ordering more.  They are so cute!!! 9/08


Hello Dora,

Yes thank you I did receive the FedEx package with my labels.  I am happy with them - thank you to the entire team at ClothingLabels4U for another satisfied customer.

Michele Almeida 9/08
Custom Labels
Custom Labels
They arrived and look great.  Thank you! 9/08
I received the labels today. They look great.
Thanks and thanks for all the little "gifts" -  such fun!

anita albala 9/08

Clothing Labels
custom labels
The labels arrived yesterday and they turned out great!  Thank you so much .....

You can also add in my comments that you really don't feel like your business is real until you have your labels.  Receiving your beautiful labels is the official beginning of my new business adventure.

Desi Allinger
Desi Designs 9/08

Hello Dora,

Yes, I rec’d the labels and they look good. 9/08

Clothing Labels
hi dora-
I love them. thank you! 9/08
The labels came today and are perfect.
Thanks for all your help... Darla

Hi Lisa, Sure you can and also add that I Appreciated the personalized, professional service. Your the best... Regards Darla

P.S. If the jackets take off I may be calling for more
so wish me luck 9/08
Woven clothing Labels
Clothing Labels
Yes, they did. They are perfect, thank you very much. I
will order from you
again when the time is needed. Thanks again. 9/08
Hey, I got the labels yesterday, and they look great. How many did you send me back? However many it was I appreciate you taking care of this. Your work is of the upmost quality and if I need anything else, I know who I will be calling. Thanks again,
Michael Tacker 8/08

I LOVE THEM!!!  They are the perfect color and perfect size!  I couldn’t wait to start putting them on my products!  They are awesome…GOOD JOB!!!

Thanks again! Jen 8/08

The labels look great. I have sewn the labels on the bags
and they look great. 
The bags are being made in Kenya, Africa, by women trying to support their families.  Thank you.
Linda Renner 8/08
I am soooo happy with my labels!! I'm excited to place another order already. Being a new business the label makes a very important first impression and it is so beautiful -it really is getting the job done.  The order process (thanks to your expertise) was painless, even as I made changes.  The labels came so fast and customers have made lots of comments about how nice they are!  Thank you for providing this great product!
Play All day 8/08
My labels arrived and they are perfect! 

..and Lisa, thank you so much for the advice in the begining - I was so confused on how to put an order in for the type of label I wanted. 
They really look great!!! Thank you again for your time,

Thank you!!! jamie 8/08


Received my labels and they look great!

Thank you,  Jamie 8/08

Hi Lisa,
The labels arrived!  
They are outstanding!
 They are eveything that I dreamed!
 Job well done!
Thanks Lisa!
Regards  Tiffani Williams 8/08
Received the care labels and logo labels today.  My wife was very happy, and therefore I am.  Thanks for the good work, and I can't wait to see the hang tags.

Rich Torti 8/08

they're here and they look great

Hi Lisa,
Just wanted to let you know that my tags arrived, and they look great.  Thanks for all of your help!
Mary Gray Mahon 8/08
They arrived and look great, thanks for following up.
Abigail 8/08

Hi Dora,
The labels arrived safe and sound, and I just love them!
Thanks, Sherrie 8/08

They arrived today and they are PERFECT! Thanks so much for working with me on the size as well as the color so carefully!

 Many thanks-

deidre , Little Sassy Pants 8/08

Custom Labels
I received them today & they look great.
Jason 8/08
Yes please!  and thank you again!
Also, I got an e-mail from Dora this morning checking to see if I received the order and if I liked it!  I very much appreciate the communication and the great customer service.  I replied to her e-mail as well.  Good people you've got working with you!
with gratitude,
Lisa 8/08
Custom Labels

I received my labels today, they are great! You guys do a wonderful job, they look wonderful.

Thank you so much, this gives me one less thing to worry about doing myself.

Thanks, again,

 MaryAnn 8/08

Hi Dora,
I design my own graphic T-Shirts by hand, and the labels I ordered from you guys has given me the chance to present a real professional look for my work.
I was really excited when I got them.
I'm starting a new budget so that I can order different sizes
from you guys again. Those labels gave me,
like I like to say, "everything I need".
Juan Beras
Custom labels
Hi Dora,
Labels arrived this morning and they look great.  Thanks so much.

Ruth Anatol 8/08


Custom Woven labels
custom labels
They did, thank you very much. They're perfect!

Erin 8/08
I got them and they are wonderful!!  Thank you so much!
Melissa 8/08
Clothing labels
custom woven labels

Thanks Dora.  They are gorgeous and already nestled into my aprons.

Warmest Regards,

Rachel Hart 8/08

The labels arrived and look great.
Thank you for checking.
Clothing Labels
custom labels

The service was Excellent! and the work is Great! More than what we expected.

You made me feel like family : ) I will definitely do business with you again.

Thanks Again Lisa & Team!

Best, Crash 8/08

Hi Dora,

Yes, we received the labels and they  look great!  
Thanks for the quick  turnaround.

Clover  Ryan 8/08
clothing Labels
Hi Dora,
I've got my Labels. They came out very nice. I'm very happy with them.
Thank you so much, Charlotte for great Customer Service. The turnaround was also
very fast. I'm looking forward of working with you again.
Thank you !
Diana Gailing 8/08
Lables arrived safe and sound...and looks real cool...

for sure...

thanks for great service too.. 8/08 .

Custom labels
Woven labels
My labels look great!!  I am extremely happy - Thanks for everything!! 7/08

Hi Dora,

Yes I got them yesterday. Tell Lisa Thank you I love them.

because I'm very pleased every one loves them.

Beth 7/08

Custom woven labels
custom labels
The labels arrived today and are perfect. Thank you for checking in.
Mary Ann 7/08

Hi Lisa,

The labels have arrived and they look great! Thank you for all the help you gave me.
I look forward to using all of these and quickly ordering more!!!

Karen 7/08

custom woven labels

Custom labels

Hey Lisa,
I just received the labels and they look great! Thank you so much for all your help!
Ellie Hazlett 7/08

Hi Dora - The labels arrived on Monday and they are perfect. 
Thanks for a great job again.
Ann Christian
Picking Daisies 7/08
Custom labels
Custom labels
labels came and are perfect thank you so much.

Tasha 7/08
Thank you so much the labels arrived and look GREAT!
Hope Gardiner 7/08
Custom labels
custom woven labels
My labels arrived yesterday and I love them.  The colors are perfect and they are just fantastic. 
Thanks so much! 7/08

Yes, I am sorry we hvae been out of town for the past week.  Was able to check out the new labels, they look fantastic.

Thank you for all your help.
Katie 7/08
Clothing labels
The labels have arrived and look very good, I really like them. Thanks so much for the run.
happy to be one of your many satisfied customers and be shown on your site.
bonni  lanese 7/08
Ok, Thank you.  They just came and look great thanks! 
I prey these dolls will sell and look forward to making another order with you. 
Thanks again for excellent customer service and careful contact with me always on the progress of my order. 
I will highly recommend you in the

Thanks again,
Sandi Gellner 7/08
no pic at this time
logo labels
Hi Dora,

Thanks for checking with me about the labels I  appreciate that. I got the
them and they look great! I'm very happy with  them!
Working with your company has been such a pleasure, you guys do an excellent job!

Thanks so  much,
Carey 7/08
"Just a quick note to let you know we received the order. 
The labels look great!
Jason 7/08
Custom lables
custom labels
Hi Lisa
I received the shirt labels today,
they look AMAZING!
thank you VERY much : )

PJ 7/08
Lisa, thank you I received the labels and they look great!
Thank you for such great timing... Talk too you soon, Robert. 7/08
custom labels

I received our labels today, and they look great! Thanks for all of your help, and for accommodating all of my requests. We may not need more for a while, but when we run out I’ll use you again!”

Thanks, Danielle 7/08

Hi Lisa,

Just wanted to let you know that I received my labels yesterday.
They are great!
I see what you meant now about how little the images were,
I don't know how you got such detail in something so small.
I really didn't expect to receive them so soon.
Thank you so much for such a fast turn around. Super Job!
I will be ordering from you in the future.

Leigh Irvin
Owner/Designer 7/08

Custom Woven labels
woven labels
Hello Dora, we received the labels....they look good, thanks.

Andreu Osika
Founder/Creative Director 7/08
Hello Dora,
I recieved the Labels, and they look great...
keep up the good work!
logo labels

Opps, spoke to soon….just received them and they look great.  Thanks!  Jenny 7/08

Our labels look beautiful.

Thank you.
Chelsa 7/08
custom woven labels
Custom woven labels
Hi Dora!

Yes, they arrived yesterday. Thanks so much! I've only looked at three, but they are BEAUTIFUL! I'm so thankful for all your company's work and will keep your info for when I need more.

Enjoy your day! 7/08

Hi, Lisa

I received the labels in plenty of time to stitch on the towels for my trip.

THANK YOU for your special effort to get them to me.

They look great sewn on the towels and I am happy to be using my full logo design.
They are easy to sew;
wash and dry with no problem.

Using your label has improved my product and delivery.

I will be in touch for a quote on hangtags also.

Thanks for the other items you sent.
Linda 7/08


Custome logo label
Clothing labels
got them...they're great!!  Thanks. My friend is going to order her labels from you also because she liked mine so much.  Thanks for working with me so quickly
Patricia Hall 7/08

I got the labels yesterday and they look great.

Thank you so much for getting me exactly what I wanted. I look foward to doing business with you in the future.
Rachael Izquierdo 7/08

custom clothing Labels
Lisa and Charlotte,
I really do love my labels! Thank you for getting them to me so quickly. I will be in touch with you again for more labels as needed. It's been a pleasure to work with you.
Maria Lester Owner,
Skidaddle Bags, Inc. 7/08
Dora, They were just perfect. Thanks, George 7/08
wovne labels
custom woven labels
The labels arrived.They look great.
Thanks for the prompt delivery.
- Betsy Cornish 7/08
Hello Dora.
The labels arrived safely and they look great. The customer was very
satisfied and so are we. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Sincerely, Greta Valuski
American Speedy Printing 7/08
custom labels
custom woven labels
I have received them.  They really look great.  Nice to see quality work once in
a while.

Thank you!

Victoria 7/08


I received my labels.  I love love love them. 
It was so fun and so easyworking with you and to produce such gorgeous results from that...

wow, life is good!  I showed the labels to friends as soon as I got  them.
they love them too.  There was much oohing and aahhing at the

sight of my Lenorables label by Lisa and clothinglabels4U. 
I'vealready added them to a few handbags and they just lift the quality of my product so beautifully.

You are the best.

Many thanks for your promptness and attention to detail. 
You conducted the perfect business transaction. 
I've been told one should under-promise and over-deliver. 

Everything you said I'd be getting sounded  great.

And at every turn I got you exceeded my expectations,
the perfect  business partner.

Many many thanks,

Lenore 7/08


I recieved my labels and wanted to let you know they are fantastic!  Thanks so much with all the help.

Daniel Harrison 7/08

Hey Lisa,

Just wanted to let you know that I received my labels last week
and I'm very happy with them... they are already adorning my bags and looking just fabulous! Thanks again for all your work!

Cat, Catey Eight Designs 7/08

custom labels
logo labels
Hello!  I just received my labels yesterday afternoon and I love them!  Thank you so much!  This was one more step towards seeing my dream of owning a small business come to fruition! 
You do great, very professional work, and Lisa was so patient with me until I got my labels just right.  
Thanks again,  Diane 6/08
Labels arrived. They are perfect.
Thank You!
custom woven labelss
custom woven clothing labels
Yes, I received them yesterday and I am thrilled. Thank you, Susanna
You can quote me on this, "I was beyond giddy when I opened up my labels. After opening it up I was even more excited I ran to my sewing machine and went a little crazy sewing labels.
Thank you so MUCH!!!!"
Thank you again. ~Blessings~Susanna 6/08
I received the labels and they look great. Thank you
very  much! AnitaSure Lisa! You can add that I have always received
great service from you, the labels are of the best
quality and always delivered to me in a timely

Anita 6/08
custom labels
Custom woven labels
Got the labels they are great thanx for everything and ill let u know when I need a reorder.
My best jacqui 6/08
Received labels today Montaldo's. 
They are great!
Thanks again for
your great work and timely delivery! 6/08
woven labels
custom labels

Our customer loves the labels they received, and we were impressed as well with the quality.  We will definitely keep you in mind for future orders. 6/08

yes i have received them. thanks you they are perfect 6/08
clothing labels
Woven Clothing labels

Hello Lisa,

I got the clothing labels today and they are awesome. The tags turned out exactly how I had hoped and your service exceeded all expectations.

Thank you so much, I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Best Regards,

Jon 6/08

I received my labels the other day just in time for an upcoming craft show.
Thank you for the quick turnaround time.
The labels look great and I'll definately order from you again.
Thank you,
Heather 6/08
custom woven labels
custom labels
I received the labels. they're beautiful! exactly what i wanted. please hang onto my order number, as I will order more when these run out.
thanks again
cedar 6/08
yes they arrived, everything on initial inspection looks good.
we will definitely reorder from you again when the time comes. good job
thank you
gary balak 6/08
custom labels
woven labls
Good  afternoon, I hope you are doing well. Yes, the orders
arrived on time and in  perfect condition. Please be sure to thank Lisa and Carla for all of
their  help. I am hopeful that Main Ingredient Lifestyle
Company takes off and
we  follow shortly with more orders!

Have an excellent  day. 6/08
Hi Dora - got the labels - they are perfect!  again! 
thank you so much for your'll hear from me when I need more!
thanks again - Karin
yes- you definitely can use what I said! 
Y'all are awesome! 6/08
custom labels
Hello! I just got them in today, and they look great! thank you for all your help! 6/08


I just wanted to let you know that the labels arrived and they look great.
Thanks for all your help and patience.

Yvette Boudreaux
Creative Petit Treasure 6/08
custom woven labels
Hi Dora - My labels arrived and they were exactly what I wanted.  Please tell Lisa I said thanks for her help.
Christine 6/08
They have arrived and look good.  Thank you!
custom labels
logo labels
The labels arrived at the end of last week and they are lovely.  Exactly what I wanted.  I knew they would be, though, since Lisa had spent a lot
of time consulting with me to ensure the labels produced were what I had envisioned and what would be appropriate for my products.  I appreciated
having samples mailed to me so when I made that final decision on which label to go with, I knew it was the right choice.  Any future labels I
need will be ordered with ClothingLabels4U.  Thank you.

Thanks, Lisa. 6/08
Lisa, what a great staff you have. Talk about customer service, your   team get's an A+, outstanding.
Thank you for your on the spot rush 
service. Dora is amazing.
I look so forward to working with you in the  future.
Thank you,
Alexandria Couture 6/08
custom woven labels
custom labels
Lisa, I got my new labels and just love them. Oh my gosh, how cute are these little guys, and they look fabulous in my little girl dresses. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Jill
P.S. You have my permission to use this on your website if you'd like. 6/08
Hi Dora,
Yes, the labels arrived and they look great!
Thanks for the quick turn around time!
Thank you for the follow up.
Neil 6/08
clothing labels
custom clothing labels

Hi Dora.
I just wanted to tell you that I did receive the labels couple days ago, and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! They are beautiful. Tell Lisa it was so fast I didnt expect it. Tell her a big thank you. And I will be doing business with you. Thank you and you have a great day!!! 6/08

I am very impressed with your quality, communication from the inquiry
to ordering process, attention to detail and quick delivery of the labels.
It was a flawless process from start to finish.
Most important, my client is VERY pleased!

Thanks! 6/09
custom lables
cusotm woven labels

My labels are awesome, you are the best :)

Take care and thanks for amazing service  I will be back

Robin 6/08

Hi Dora,

Yes, they arrived on Thursday and they are great! 
Lisa was very patient with me and did everything she could to help me with the process, even to the point of working with me on the phone when the computer became more than I could deal with!  I am very happy with the results and look forward to doing business with your company in the future. Absolutely!  Lisa, You were awesome and never once made me feel like the idiot that I'm sure I must have appeared to be! 
Thanks again so much!

Thanks, 6/08

Custom woven labels
logo labels

We have received the clothing labels, they look great! Well packaged, nice colours, and the stitching is first rate. 

It was a pleasure doing business with 6/08  



Yes we received the order for the labels -
perfectly done as usualthank you again,
love the work you guys do.

damon 6 /08

woven labels
Custom labels
they are perfect, thanks a lot, I will reorder very soon.!
Hey Dora...

Yep...I thought I emailed Lisa already...guess not.  
I gottem and they came out PERFECT!!!  Great work!!! 6/08
logo labels
custom labels
They arrived safely and they are great.
Sabrina 5/08
The labels are awesome!!!! 
Exactly what I was hoping they would be like. 
Thank you! Laura

P.S. Thanks for all the little goodies, too.  Nice touch! 5/08
custom logo labels
custom woven labels

Thank you!!! 
..THANK YOU!!  The labels arrived and they are perfect. 5/08


I received the labels on friday.  they look great!  thanks a lot!
thanks for the labels.  they really look nice.  
They are just what i wanted!
these are going to look super professional on my shirts.  
you did a great job.

david stachura
custom labels
woven Logo labels
Dora and Lisa,
        I received my labels the other day, they are perfect.
Please tell Lisa
        I said thank you so much!
        Cheri 5/08
Thank-you for the labels, they are very nice. 
I always love doing business with you because you make it a nice experience.
Leah 5/08
custom woven labels
Custom label
Hi, Got them , They look great!!

Thank you,Juan 5/08

We got em’ & they look great! 

custom logo labels


My labels came today!  Not only am I just shocked at how fast the process was from start to finish, the labels exceeded my expectations!  Thanks for answering all of my questions and for being so helpful!!  You are the best!  
Tracy (Small Wish) 5/08
yes, I received my labels and they're perfect, thank you!! 5/08
custom woven labels
custom logo lables
Received my labels today, and they are fabulous! Thanks for all your help with this!
Michelle 5/08
I received my labels and they are absolutely perfect!
Junneen 5/08
custom labels
custom woven labels
Dear Lisa and team at ClothingLabels4U,

         I cannot BEGIN to thank you enough for the wonderful service you and your staff provided to my company.  The clothing labels you designed personally for us came out WONDERFUL!! High detail with  multiple colors and all this at a price that was a fraction of the cost compared to all the other companies I researched.  I am so proud  to be working with a company that I can trust, and does a perfect job 
each and every order.  Thank you so much for being there for us when  we need you most! 
Your labels gave our clothing a unique couture 
look, and improved sales overall.   Rock on with your bad self

Thank you all,
Joshua B. Johnson
General Manager
Cocoa Couture 5/08

Hi Dora,

The labels arrived today and they look terrific!  
Thanks so much, it was a pleasure working with your company
and special thanks to Lisa!

Best, Terri 5/08
custom logo labels
I received them and they look great. Thanks!

Jen Garcia
Vim Trousseau 5/08
OMG--I love my labels!!!  Thanks!

Angela Stanton 5/08
logo labels

Hi LIsa,

I got the labels today! Thank you sooo much! I absolutely love them!

Sara Peczynski   5/08    
Received the labels.  EXACTLY what we need. 
We'll keep your address on file, and recommend your services to others! 
Thank you. 5/08
Custom woven labels
Logo labels
Got the labels...look great and got them on just in time for our event which started tonight.  I can't thank you enough for making that happen. 
Robbin 5/08
      The labels look awesome! Thank you for all of your hard work!
I will definitely let you know when I need more!

  Thanks again,
     Melanie Bowen 5/08
custom labels
Yes they arrived and they look great! Thanks so much for asking!

SeranaRose 5/08
Yes, yes, I got them yesterday. They are beautiful!!!!
Thank you so much. 5/08
custom woven labels
woven labels
Hi Dora,

Yes my labels arrived and they look great, thank you for contacting me to double check on my order.

Kind Regards,
Christina 5/08
Hi Dora
I received my labels and they are just beautiful.
Thanks so much for all of your help.

Alejandra Valera 5/08
cusotm logo label
logo labelscustom labels
OOOOH YEAH!!!!!  WOW, my labels were here WAY FASTER then I had anticipated! They look GREAT... HEY LISA.....all this time I thought you were GOOD!!! OOOOH NO.... you are JUST FRICKIN' GREAT!!!!
LOVE the LABELS!!!!!!! THANKS SOOO MUCH!!! I will be ordering MORE
for SURE!!!!

Stacy FRICK 5/08
I am very pleased with my labels!! Thank you very much--have already
recommended clothinglabels4U to several friends.

Ruth Gavin 5/08
custom logo labels
custom labels
The lables are gorgeous thank you so much hopefully well need dozens and dozens more thank you 5/08

Thank you for sending the labels to me on time I greatly appreciate
the fast turn around and the help in getting the labels perfect.
The colors are strong and the sewing area is perfect for our machines.

Thanks for all your help you will be getting another order in the next few weeks.

Regards, Ben Paul, UK 4/08

Custom lables
woven patch
Hi  Lisa
I received the Junior color patches and they look absolutely adorable.
You are a joy to work with. Thank you so much.
Nadia  Georgiou 4/08
I received my clothing labels Friday and they look fantastic.
Thank Lisa for me, she was very patient with me.
I'll be back for more!! 4/08
woven lables
logo labels
hi dora,
i just received my labels.  they are perfect! thank you.  just referred you to a friend who needs them now. 
thanks again,

kristine 4/08
Dear Lisa,
Thank you so much for the outstanding job you did on
my tuggowear label.
They just arrived and I'm thrilled with the results!!
Sincerely, Michelle 4/08
Custom logo labels
Custom labels
We received the labels today and we absolutely LOVE them! Thanks so much for your services, you were extremely helpful through the entire process and we are very satisfied customers!

Kind Regards,
Mint Mall 4/08

Lisa, I just got my labels and they look great!  Thank you for such great selections and service.  I truly could not be more pleased!

Thank you, Mary Lou Stubbs 4/08

custom labels
The  labels arrived yesterday, They look

Thank  you,

Erick Thomas 4/08

They got here and look great!  Thanks!

woven labels
custom label
Hello Dora, sorry about the previous e-mail, I sent it from work and when I got home the labels had arrived! I'm really pleased with them, they look lovely.
Thanks, Miranda. 4/08

Hi Dora –

The labels arrived and they look fantastic!  Thank you so much for your
quick turn-around time and better yet, the high quality of the labels. 
It is always a pleasure to work with you –
thanks for your excellent customer service! 

Juliana 4/08

custom woven labels
You've done it again!  Thank you so very much for our latest shipment of Cuddles from Home labels!  They are absolutely beautiful!  We continue to be thrilled with your wonderful service and your gorgeous labels!  Thank you!
...Mindy 4/08
YES! Thank you soooo much! They look great and were here in perfect time!!!
Looking forward to doing business with you in the future!
Thanks again! 4/08
custom labels
hi Lisa -
I got the labels and I love them!  So cute and great quality!  I am impressed - I'll get more from you when it's time...Thanks again so much for your help!
Karin 4/08

Hi Lisa, all I can say is: awesome job! That was so quick!
Thank you for helping me select the size, colors, etc. I’m so excited,
I can’t wait to put them on my things!
I’ll be ordering hang tags in the near future.
I’m sending your contact information to all my friends!
Well, I’m off to sew up something to put the labels on!

Edna Khalifeh 4/08

logo label
custom labels
Aloha Dora,
Received my labels.  Thanks so much, they look great.  Have started using them already.
Thanks for the wonderful service.
Debbie 4/08
Hi Lisa,

I got my labels today and they are EXACTLY what I wanted!
Thank you so much! 

Have a great day,

Brittney Rush 4/08

clothing labels
i recieved my labels today,and i like them.the turn around was quick which helps because i'm already a day late and a $ short.i look forward to doing future business with you.until then take care and god bless.
best regards,
steven m.aleman
ceo/step1inc 4/08
Lisa I recieved the labels today. They look great.
I'm really pleased with how they turned out.
Thanks so much for helping me through the process. 
I will definitely be doing more business with you in the near future.

Tifany Hoffman 4/08

logo label with care info
labels with sizes
The labels are perfect!  Thank you very much for checking in with me.  Have a wonderful week!
We got them and they look great, thanks 4/08
logo label
logo label
excellent work. thank  you 4/08

We received the labels - fabulous!  Thank you!

- Bob Gorczyca 4/08
Custom Woven labels
Hello Dora,
Yes, I received the labels yesterday. They look beautiful. 
Thank you so much!

Kimberly 4/08

Hi Lisa-

I'm so glad that I picked you to do my labels. 
You were so quick to respond to all of my questions and complete the job. 
The labels look fantastic and I got them quickly as well!  Thanks again for the great customer service.


Beth Shifferd 4/08

Logo labels

I received the labels Thursday afternoon. They came out great. Thank you for such a timely and professional response.  I can't wait to show  them off. 4/08


I received my LILLIE BOWEN labels and
THEY'RE TOTALLY AWESOME!  Thank you, Lisa! :-) 3/08

woven labels

They  labels are perfect! Thank you sooo much Lisa.
I will definitely be back  for more labels!!! - kendra 3/08

Lisa, I talked to my sewing contractor this morning and she said they are there and that they look great.  Thanks for the quick turnaround.
I can give you a better, more detailed quote of what my sewing contractor
said if you like… My sewing contractor said
the labels are absolutely perfect and will add a great finishing touch to my design. 

Use either quote if you like.

Ps, looking forward to our continued business relationship. 3/08

folded woven label

Round Die cut Woven Label / patch

Yes we got them and they are cute.  Thank you
we can’t wait to order more.  We will be needing hang tags for all our clothing and have been very impressed with your quick turn around, quality and price.  Thank you again,


Kim Smith 3/08

I did get my labels and they are adorable....Thanks! 3/08
custom labels
logo labels
Everything arrived fine and sooner than I expected. The labels are gorgeuos,
Everyone loves them. Thanks for all your work.
Glendali 3/08
Yes I received the labels. They look awesome. Thank you!
The labels came out fantastic!  I never imagined they would look this good. 
It is very exciting to see my ideas coming together. 
I couldn't have done it without your attention to detail and all of your help. 
I am 150% satisfied with my order from start to finish!  Thank you!

Kelly 3/08
Custom Woven label
Woven logo label

Hello Dora,

Yes, I received my labels and they look great! I'm already using them and loving them. Thank you!! and Thank you for your excellent service. 

:) Elissa Betterbid 3/08

Hi Dora:

I received the labels yesterday and they look great. 
Thank you and Lisa so much for all of your help and expertise! 

Have a great weekend and I will be in touch soon.

Cristine Hynes

Artistic Visions Design 3/08

die cut woven label
Oval Die cut Woven Label / patch
Woven Logo label
The labels arrived today and they are beautiful!  Just what I wanted. 

The turn-around time was fantastic - thank you!  I had contacted another label company the same day I had first e-mailed you.  Their samples arrived in today's mail  Hmm, samples from them and beautiful quality labels from you.  Great job!

I truly enjoyed working with you.  You are professional, reply quickly, explain the process well, have a great product, reasonable prices and seem to work seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.  I definitely will use you again.  Now to update my hangtags so they're ready for my next order with you. ;-)
Snappy Chameleon 3/08

Hi Lisa,

I love my labels!!!  Thanks so much for all you help and patience.
I will refer to you anyone I know in need of labels.

Sincerely, Jill Wieder 3/08

Woven labesl
gold woven label

Hi Lisa,

Just to let you know the labels arrived today safe and sound. The colors are great and we're pleased with them and your service. Now I have to get busy! Thank you for the gifts and your help! I'll be in touch for the hang tags at some point, just not sure when.

Thanks again,
Karen Reich 3/08
Yes, I did receive them and I love them! 
Thank you for the prompt delivery and professional service.

Best regards,
Kristin Finn 3/08
Logo label
Logo label
Rec'd labels and they look great.  Thanks for your excellent customer service.
Sure-continued success! 3/08

Hi  Dora
> I received my labels today. They look great.
Thank you.
Nadia  Georgiou 3/08
Woven logo labels
Logo labels
thanks lisa,
i got them yesterday morning,
i am so so impressed. thanks a million,
i will get u some new clients
i might mediate the deals to avoid a breach of trust
becos some people might just wanto play a smartone on u

thanks again, they are beautiful 3/08
Sorry for the tardy reply.  I am very pleased with the labels; they are exactly what I asked for.  And I wish to thank Lisa for her patient supervision of my order.
Hal Lawrence 3/08
Custom Woven Labels

Clothing labels

Woven patch

They arrived today!!! I don't know how you do it, but you always do it perfect!!! The color around the patch is better than what I had suggested!!!! I am so, so satisfied!!! The patch is perfect to sew on a T-shirt, not heavy but big enough to make a big impression!!! 
My shirt labels look so good that I can't believe they were woven!!! I can't believe either of them were woven because they come out looking so clean!!!! 
Thank You again for great service!!!

P.S.- I will have some more made soon!!!! 3/08


Lisa... Thank you so much for everything :) Labels arrived safe and sound :)
Looks great!! :) And as soon as they run out, be sure to pick
up your phone because im going to ask for more :) I
m Passing on the word about you and your business. Great Great Great.

Thanks again :)

Emerson Tavares 3/08

Logo labels
Logo label
Dear  Dora
The goods have arrived and they are perfect. We are
100%  pleased with the end result and we are happy
that we have managed to find  you on the internet and use your excellent services!
Please rest  assured that we will be using your
services again in the  future!

Best regards

Demetra  Papachilleos 3/08

...received my labels...they are fabulous....thank you!
                                       Peace K. 3/08
Woven Labels
Woven labels
Hello Dora,

Yes my labels arrived and i absolutely love them. Thank you so much for checking up on the status of the labels.

-horacio- 3/08
They all look wonderful to me!  
Thanks a bunch for all your help!!! 3/08

Hang tag
Hi Dora and Lisa,
Thank you for the email.  I did receive both my labels and hang tags today.  I had called Lisa to thank her for an excellent job.
I would like to say that I have been thoroughly pleased with all the work that was done on my labels and hang tags.  This is the first time I have ordered these items and from beginning to end, designing, style, type and color for my labels and tags I have received excellent service from everyone at Clothing Labels 
I look forward to continuing our business as my company grows. Thanks again.
Nanci Borde 3/08
Hi Lisa,
I received my labels today and they are great!  I want to thank you for the speed with which you processed my order....
I can tell that you worked around the clock to ensure a positive customer service experience by noticing the hour of the day you responded to emails. 
Out of the many, many different label companies on the internet I am glad I chose yours.
Thanks so much!
Sheri 3/08
Woven Logo label
Cothing labels
Hi Lisa! 
I just received my labels right now....they are BEAUTIFUL!  Thank you so were so easy to work with and I really appreciate were a tremendous blessing to me! please feel free to use what I said about you....i will be recommending you to everyone!

Jennifer Hooley 3/08

I received the labels last week. 

They are just what I wanted and look very professional. 
Thank you for such a quick turn around. 
I will definitely be ordering more products from you.

Elizabeth 3/08
Woven logo label
Woven logo labels
Got the labels yesterday and they were perfect.  Thank you so much for getting them out to me so soon!Please use my comments and label.  And thank you again for getting them to me so quickly!!

Carol 3/08
Thanks for inquiring, the labels came in and they  look great.
Your delivery time was very quick. Thanks agian for the  great job.

Beth Martin 3/08
Clothing label
Woven Logo label
The labels are GORGEOUS! We love them! Thanks so much  for accommodating us in such a short amount of time! We will  definitely re-order when we need more - and next time we'll give you more  time.
And I received the check - I really appreciate your honesty with  my over-paying. :)
Thanks again!

Nichole Kreglow 3/08

Thank you for the labels and they arrived so much sooner than I expected.
They are perfect and I can't wait to start attaching them!!!!!!

Melanie Sanders 3/08

Woven labels

Satin Printed LabelSatin Printed Label

Querida Dora,

hoy recibi los labels, estoy fascinada ! me encantaron ! estan increibles!
muchas gracias por el favor, gracias por los goodies, gracias por tu coordinacion, por tu ayuda y paciencia, ha sido un total placer hacer negocio contigo te aseguro no sera la unica vez 

un abrazo y de nuevo gracias
vi 3/08
My  labels arrived safe and sound today.
So far I'm absolutely thrilled with  them!

Thank you so  much!! 3/08
Logo woven label
I received the labels! They are lovely.  I am very happy with them. let me also add, that the quality was excellent and the prices are sooo reasonable!  I am VERY impressed! you are a diamond in the rough. thank you!
Thank you very much.  I will definitely pass your name on.
Apryl 3/08
Thank you.  Our labels just arrived today and we love them. 
We will be placing more orders very soon. 
They look great. Tell Lisa, she is awesome. 3/08
Custom Woven labels
I have received the labels and they are great.
Thanks for following up with me.
Robert George 3/08
I received my labels today and they are just beautiful! 
I can't wait to stitch them in as I create my doggie apparel!

Thank you so much

Becky Beasley
Kuddlee K9 Apparel 3/08
Logo labels
Hi Dora,
Just wanted to let you know that they did arrive safe and sound.  Everything looks great!
My labels were on time and the look wonderful, exactly what we had discussed. Lisa and the staff at clothing labels 4U are so helpful. I will definitely be re-ordering more soon!

Yoruk Children's Apparel 3/08
yes,  they are beautiful! thank you. i can't wait to start sewing them onto all my products!
thank you to lisa for her attention   to detail, and  quick response.
I will defiantly use your services again.

best   regards - jessica 2/08
Custom Labels
Yes, they arrived yesterday.  They are wonderful.  Very nice job!
Christa 2/08
They just got here today and look great.  I'm very excited!!
Thank you so much!!

Angela 2/08
Woven logo labels


I got my labels yesterday.  They are great, thanks so much.

Joanna 2/08

Estimada Dora:  Quiero agradecer toda la ayuda emocional,
tecnica y profesional que he recibido de parte de Clothing Labels 4U., debo reconocer que han satisfecho mi necesidad 100%, en calidad y profesionalidad. 
Verdaderamente merecen este gran prestigio que poseen. Con mi mas alto agradecimiento,                  Ximena de la Paz  2/08       
Woven Labels
Custom Clothing Labels
Hello Lisa,
I just wanted to let you know that I received my labels today and they are gorgeous!  I absolutely love them. Great work!
My products are going to look so much nicer with these labels.
They really make a difference.

Thank you
Yolanda Alvarado 2/08
Hello Dora,
Yes, I just got my labels and they look wonderful! Thank you....what a great job.Thank you once again for such a lovely job done.
If I know of anyone neding labels,
I will pass the details of your company on to them.
Chelsea Daymon 2/08
Woven label
Clothing labels
They arrived in great shape. I'm really impressed by the quality of the tags.

         Thank You So Much!!
Hi Lisa! I received the labels earlier today and love them! I will 
definitely recommend you in the future and will use your services 
again in the future. Thanks again!!

MR. Kirby 2/08
Custom logo label
Custom Labels
Hi  rec'd Labels and they are great. Thank You!!!!!!!! Great Job.
M.Diann  Savoy 2/08
Thank you for your email
The labels arrived and I am very happy with the work done - thank you.

Ayo Uko 2/08

Custom Woven Clothing Labels
Logo label
Absolutely!  The labels ARE awesome.  Thank you so
much.  They are even better than I imagined.  I know
you had to work a little harder to make them so small,
but they are going to add such a professional touch to
our things.  As for reorders...I assume you keep a
file on us and we can just reorder off our reference
number.  Is that correct? Yes that is correct !!

Thanks again,

Just received the labels from my son. 
They turned out great!!!!!  Thank you so much.

Cathy 2/08

Woven Labels
Woven Clothing Labels
The labels are great. Thank You. 2/08
Thank you very much, they arrived and look great! 2/08
Clothing labels
Logo labels
I really will be referring anyone who needs lables, I absolutely love them and I think that your cs is great! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. 
"I highly recommed Lisa and Clothing Labels 4 U for anyone looking for quality woven labels. Lisa's customer service and attention to detail was truly outstanding and my labels are amazing. I will be a repeat customer for sure.
Thank you Lisa for such an amazing job!"
Hi Dora,
Yes, I did recieve the labels, they're amazing, really. I love it.
I'm impressed at the work and it was beyond what I was expecting.
Thanks so much Lisa & everyone else at,
    jackAss® Clothing Designs 2/08
Woven Clothing labels
Woven Care labels
I  got em and they look great.
thanks  again. 2/08
Yes I received them. They look great. Thank you!
-Emily 2/08
Logo labels
Hi Dora,
I have received my labels and they are perfect.  Thanks for your e-mail.

Ann Christian
Picking Daisies 2/08
Hey Lisa, I received the tags.....look great. 


Jeff 2/08
Woven Labels
Woven Labels
There great, we love em !
Steven A Wellington 2/08
YES! They have arrived safe and sound.
And they are everything I expected and more, I can't stop showing them off, i carry one around in my pocket just for kicks! Thank you, job well done. 2/08
Woven Labels
Clothing labels
Hi Lisa,
Just wanted to let you know I have received the labels and they look great!  Thank you so much!

Linda Boughan
Maui Beach Gear 2/08
Hello Dora,

Recieved the labels today. They are great. I am looking forward to
having them in our garments.

regards, Amy 2/08

Woven Labels
yes and they are awesome !!

thank you lisa:) 2/08
Yes, I got them and they are great!  Thank you! 

My partner and I finally feel like our business is starting to grow. 
Adding the labels to our products makes the items look so professional. 
The labels are the perfect touch to get our products noticed. 
Thank you for all the continuous communication and speedy delivery!

Thank you! Carolyn 2/08

Custom Labels
Woven Logo Labels
Hi Lisa,
FedEx just dropped off my labels.  I wanted you to know that I am very happy with them, it was just what I wanted.  I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
Best regards,

Ann Christian
Picking Daisies 2/08
Got them today, thanks for the follow up and service!
I love them, thanks so much!

karina 2/08
Cusotm Woven labels
Woven labesl
Lisa and Dora...
I just received the labels last night and they are perfect!!!
Thank you for creating them for me.  I'm looking forward to using them.
Please remember that I am hand attaching these, not using a sewing machine, so the salvage edge is fine and won't look too large next to some of my small creations.  Just lovely.
And, thank you for the quick service, and the little items you put in the box.   
I hope to do business with you again...
Cindy Marcopulos 2/08

Thank you so much Dora!
We received the labels and they are fantastic!
I have sewed them on to all of my products and am happy to say they
look even more professional.
Thanks again and I will look forward to working with you again,

if need be, in the future!

Krystyn 2/08

Clothing Labels

Lisa, labels arrived today
your labels were awesome,will buy from you again,
they look great  

thanks 1/08

Hi Lisa,

I got the labels today! Thanks for sending to me so fast!

Thanks again for the outstanding service that your company always provide.

Talk to you soon! Kind regards,

Micheline 1/08

Custom Labels
Clothing Labels

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for the labels! 

As a small start-up business, I have to remark on how pleased I am with the final product and the service from your company.  The labels exceeded my expectations with quality (which is always nice when that happens!) and the delivery was sooner than expected given it was the holidays.

Your service matches what I like to think my customers get from my business!

Thanks again 1/08

They came and they are great! 

Thank you!

Lisa Hancock

Custom Woven Labels
"Lisa is one of the most "on-it" people I've encountered in business. She had my labels underway practically before I finished placing the order! Lisa truly cares about her clients and her business....and it shows. I strongly recommend Clothing Labels 4 U to anyone who needs labels or hang tags.

Colleen Litof, EquiCoutureTM" 1/08

Dear Lisa:

 I received the labels over the weekend.  They are gorgeous! 
I can't stop admiring them =).  Thanks so much for your patience and diligence. 


Angela 1/08
Custom Labels
Woven Labels
   We got our tags today!!! They are great!! Thank you so much! Even with the changes we made at the last minute you managed to get them out to us very quickly and the product itself is superior to anything we have used with our other lines!! we will definitely be using you for all our label and tag needs!! Thanks again Lisa,
                                  Reese Donner 1/08
Hi Dora,
Yes, I received them and they are wondeful as usual! 
Thank you so much for the super fast turn around!!!
Melanie 1/08
Clothing Labels


Just wanted to let you know my tags arrived. Thank you so much! I love them!!!!Also the tags add professionalism to my handbags
Thank you 1/08

Dora, yes they arrived yesterday morning. 
They are perfect as usual.

Thank you so much!


Clothing Labels
Woven labels
they arrived and look amazing - thank you so much - hope to be
ordering lots more soon...1/08
The labels arrived and they are just wonderful. 
Thank you again.

Marie S. Weaver 1/08
Clothing Labels
Woven Labels
I received the tags.  They are perfect.  I am putting the others in the mail today.  You should be receiving them soon.  Thank you so much.  You have been delightful through this process and I am happy to refer you to others that I know needing your services. 
Thank you,
  Sarah Brown 1/08
The labels arrived fine and they look great. Thanks!

Carlo Garcia 1/08
Clothing Labels
Yes, Hello :), thay did and we totally LOVE them!

Thank you for another great job!

Gabby Caperon 1/08
Thank you Lisa.

We have recieved our labels, and I must say they are
even better than the picture. Thanks again for
your exceptional and speedy service. We will do
business again. Thank you.

Steven Sullivan
WorldWearIII 1/08
clothing labels

My labels arrived safe and very fast. I'm very satisfied with them and I hope to be a longterm customer!!!

Domanique 1/08

Thanks got the labels and they are perfect! 1/08
Clothing labels
clothing labels

Yes madam, the labels arrived and look great, thank you for asking. Please
tell Lisa thanks for her her work and cooperation.

Rash Munim 1/08

Hi Dora & Lisa,
Just wanted to let you know that I received my labels yesterday, Thursday.
They turned out great. Thanks again for all your help.

Jessica E 1/08

Logo Labels
Hi, Dora. Thanks so much for checking in. My labels just arrived today and they are awesome.
Thanks again!

L 1/08

Hey lisa,
My client received the shirts and he said they look great. Thanks again for all of your hard work and for the hard work of your team. I certainly appreciate it and I look forward to doing business with you again soon. 1/08
Woven Labels
hi Dora, and Lisa,
yes, I received my labels, thank you so much for all the extra effort! they are perfect.
and just in time for the project I needed them for.
thanks for making sure it all got done right!

Kate 1/08
Labels arrived safely and they are perfect
Thank you

Darlene K 1/08
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