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Printed Labels

Thermal | Digital Satin | Cotton | Satin | TPU

Printed labels are a great choice when you want a label with an intricate design.  You can achieve great detail with printed labels and you have greater freedom with the information that you can include on them. Consider the fabric of your garment when choosing which type of printed label will work for you.

Printed labels are extremely cost effective and can be a great alternative woven clothing labels when budget is an issue.  However, printed labels do not tend to stand up to numerous washings as well as woven labels.
Take into account the manner in which your garment will be used when attaching your printed label to the item. The label needs to be placed in an area with low exposure and low friction to maximize the life of the label. Printed labels are typically used for fast fashion.


custom thermal printed labels  thermal printed satin labels thermal printed labels

Thermal printed labels are typically used as care or content labels. They are only offered in black on white and are limited in the sizes that are offered.  Thermal printed labels are available in folded satin or synthetic. 

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Digital Satin

digital labels  ustom printed digital labels digital satin labels

Our digital satin labels are a wise choice when you need to produce labels with high definition images and logos. With digital labels you can achieve detailed, elegant designs with attractive colors for your branding needs.

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cotton printed clothing labels custom cotton printed labels
cotton printed labels

Cotton printed labels are a great choice for your items that are made of cotton, such as t-shirts or denim.  Cotton labels finish off your clothing by giving them a vintage look. They are also a nice option for those looking for something natural and eco-friendly.

We offer:

  • 100% cotton labels that are available in natural, white, or custom dyed

  • 100% cotton twill (herringbone) available in any color

  • 100% heavy canvas. It's sturdy and rugged looking

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satin printed labels satin printed QR code labelscustom satin printed labels

If very high clarity of your design is important, then you will want to consider printed satin over printed cotton.Satin labels are very soft with a shiny finish. They are ideal for baby items, children's clothing, swimwear, lingerie, or any delicate item that needs a soft label.

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TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)

tpu labels tpu clear labels custom tpu labels

TPU clothing labels are a great addition to your products. These labels are transparent, resistant to high temperatures and oily substances, and are durable but with a soft feel. Because TPU labels are clear, they meet your labeling needs without interfering with the integrity of your brand. 

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