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Custom costume labels

Yes I received the order and they are working great! 2/18


Woven Damask, Flat

Got the labels - they look great  9/17

Thank you, Michi

Woven Damask, Centerfolded

Cheap fashion labels

Yes, I did and they are amazing. Thanks for them! 3/17

Thanks and Aloha,

Timothy Welch

Seaworld Label
Yes, we received the tags and they are great!
Thanks so much for all of your help.
-Horace Lanier
SeaWorld Orlando

Hi All: got the labels and adore them.
Thanks, xoxox Suede
I was very happy with my order.   Clothing Labels 4 U worked within in my time frame and even stepped outside of the box to find me the metallic threads I was looking for. 
Thanks Lisa and Clothing Labels 4 U .xoxox Suede
SUEDEsays.com Project Runway on Bravo
Custom FOrd labels
Lisa, we received the Ford tie labels this morning and they look great. Thanks for your help, special service and compassion. You are the BEST! Please let me know if I can be of any help to you or if I can meet you for lunch at  the Stage Deli  when you are in town. M. Shoushanian

Woven Label

They were great. Already attatched & shipped to my client. We will definately be doing more business.

Thank You, Pat L. 8/10

woven label custom woven label
Thermal Printed Synthetic
I have received my labels, and they look great!!!
I am pleased with your services.
I may get back with you for more labels when we get there.
I thank you for your time and patience.
Thanks, Anuj 5/11

Yes.  They are great!  3/19

Woven Damask, Flat

Mens fashion labels cheap
womens fashion labels

Yes, I received my order and I am very happy

with the result and the quality of my labels.

Thank you.  3/19


Woven Damask, Flat w/1/8 Seam Allowance all around

They arrived today,

and they look great!

Thank you! 3/19


Thermal Printed Satin, CenterFolded w/.5 Seam Allowance on top

Satin Printed labels with low minimums
Satin Printed

Got them!! Perfect. Thank u 3/19


Thermal Printed Satin, End Folded w/.5 Seam allowance on ends

We received the order and

are very happy with it. 2/19

Woven Damask, Centerfolded with Care Instructions -w/ .25 Seam Allowance on top

Woven Labels for womens clothing
Custom printed labels

Yes I did.. Great Job! Thx 2/19


Thermal Printed Synthetic, Flat -w/ .5 Seam Allowance on top

I have received the product,

looks fantastic will be ordering more soon. 2/19


Woven Damask, Centerfolded -w/ .25 Seam Allowance on top

Custom fashion labels with low minimums
Cotton Printed tags

Yes I received them and they are perfect! 

Thank you! 2/19


Natural Cotton Printed, End Folded with Sizes

Natural Cotton Printed, Centerfolded with Care Instructions

I got them today! That was super fast!

They look great! I will definitely

be ordering again.  Thank you again! 2/19


Die Cut Hang Tag - Single Sided & Die Cut Sticker

Custom Hang tags
Custom Printed labels cheap

Recieved the order today.

Thank you! Will let you know when

I'm ready to reorder. 1/19


Thermal Printed Synthetic - Flat

Just got the first set of labels!

Looking good! 1/19


Woven Damask, Centerfolded - w/ 1/8 Seam Allowance on top

Cheap labels
Woven labels with low quantities

I did receive them! They look awesome!

Thanks so much! 1/19


Woven Damask, Centerfolded -w/ 1/8 Seam allowance on top

Thank you for following up.  I absolutely love the hem tags.  When I am ready for more, I will definitely order from you again!! 1/19


Woven Damask, Hem Tags, Centerfolded - w/ 1/8 Seam Allowance on top

hem tags
Custom die cut hang tags

The first set that Ordered finally showed up a week ago. So much for regular delivery by the Post Office. The second set that you sent priority mail arrived in two days and they are great. Thank you. 1/19


Hang Tags, Die Cut - Single Sided

Hi Lisa. We picked up the labels today and they are perfect.

Thank you so much for the quick turn around time. 1/19


Woven Damask, Flat and Centerfolded

Iron on Patches
Iron on Labels

We got them.

Everything looks good! 1/19


Woven Damask, Iron On

The 4000 units arrived

last week and all is good. 1/19


Woven Damask, Centerfolded - w/ .25 Seam Allowance on top

Personalized labels
multi use labels



Bless you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

very much!!! 1/19

Woven Damask - Flat - End Folded - Centerfolded

Received the woven labels yesterday

and was excited to see how great

they were. Absolutely perfect!

Thank you for all your help! 1/19

Woven Damask, Flat -w / 1/8 seam allowance all around

Mens fashion labels
Hang Tags

Everything looks great.  1/19


Custom Hang Tags, cut with rounded corners. Raised Glossy text

Yes I received them thank you this

was my first time doing this and

I am very pleased.

Will be placing another order soon. 1/19

Woven Damask, Flat

Custom woven labels
Thermal Printed satin

Hi Lisa.  Yes I got them and they look great!   Thanks so much for checking in.   1/19


Thermal Printed Satin, Centerfolded w/.5 Seam Allowance on top

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