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Fashion Labels

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Fashion Labels promote your image like nothing else. We produce high quality, unique labels that will attract customers. You can promote your brand image with our fashion labels choosing from a wide range from standard materials and finishings to soft and silky products which are great for intimate apparel. We work with you to produce fashion labels that you should expect from a quality label company. 

Fashion labels can help "sell" your products to the consumer by conveying your brand image and values. They are one of the primary tools for brand awareness. Because of there versatility, our fashion labels can be applied to different areas of the garment.  Many recognizable brands apply their labels to a different area of the garment to help their brand stand out from the rest. The labels can have information about materials, brand, sizing and price and is key to fashion merchandising.

 fashion label

Our woven clothing fashion labels are made to your specifications. Fashion labels are generally woven with either cotton or polyester threads and can be made with amazing detail. You can choose from a variety of sizes, compositions, cutting and finishing methods. We include your logos, colors, and styles on your choice of fabric

We are dedicated to making high-quality, low-cost fashion labels with a fast turnaround to meet your needs.

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