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Woven Label Fabric Choices

These are four basic fabrics offered in woven labels:

  1. Satin is the most popular choice, but not always the wisest. Satin is thin and can snag easily, making it more likely to be cut out than other labels. Though it looks very pretty originally, you need to keep the customer in mind when choosing your label.
  2. Taffeta is stiffer than satin and can stand up to a bit more snagging. However, with both satin and taffeta the finished edges of the labels can be stiff, leading to the prickly feeling labels are famous for.
  3. Semi-damask is a mid line choice when it comes to labels. It has many of the qualities of damask.
  4. Damask is a tighter weave fabric that remains very soft, even with finished edges. It's a top choice when quality is a top priority for the seamstress. Damask provides the best finish with a smoothness that reflects style and comfort.

Once the style and fabric choice are considered, you will need to decide on several finishing touches and choose the style that allows the most versatility for the future: Folded, End Fold, All Ends finished.