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Rubber, Silicone, PVC Labels

Make a strong statement with your brand by displaying a Soft Rubber PVC Label on the the outside of your product!

rubber rubber label
Rubber, Silicone, PVC labels on clear, white, or black 

What is a Rubber, Silicone, or PVC label?

Rubber PVC labels are made from Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) and are soft and rubbery to the touch. PVC Labels are great for outdoor products and clothing, like sports wear or adventure clothing because they are resistant to the weather. We add a sewing channel on the labels to make attaching them to your product as easy as possible. We can also match PMS colors to fit your brand.

If your design, requires a Silicone Label, the process is similar to that of the Rubber PVC labels, however with Silicone there are some design limitations.  Contact us for more information.

What makes the Rubber, Silicone, or PVC labels so great?

  • They are soft and smooth

  • They are weather resistant

  • Sewing channel available at an extra cost making them easy to sew to your product

  • Custom made to fit your product giving you a variety of sizes to choose from

  • Can custom match your brand colors with FREE PMS Color Matching 

  • Long-lasting bright colors

  • Production to suit your needs


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