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Custom Woven Clothing Labels: Pay 40% Less for Personalized or Custom Woven Clothing Labels

Whether you are a clothing production manager or a retailer looking to private label a new line of clothing, you know how difficult it is to locate a woven label manufacturer who provides custom woven clothing labels at an affordable cost, in lots as small as 1,000 and in a timely manner. If this is one of your production problems, Clothinglabels4U, a custom woven clothing label manufacturer in Florida, may be the provider you have been looking for. The firm can deliver custom woven clothing labels at 40% less than the competition and in just a couple of weeks.

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) October 25, 2004 -- “Small to medium clothing manufacturers and retailers frequently have difficulty finding a reliable and cost effective source to manufacture their brand labels,” says Lisa Rosenberg, president of Clothinglabels4U, a subdivision of Bloomers4U, a specialty clothing manufacturer in Orlando, Florida.

As the founder of a medium sized, clothing manufacturer producing a wide assortment of bloomers and bloomer bed wear, Lisa understands first hand how difficult it is to get quality custom woven clothing labels at a reasonable cost and in a timely manner. “Large woven clothing label manufacturing firms pretty much have their plate filled working for the big boys like Old Navy, so when it comes to delivering small quantities of custom labels, they have little choice but to work smaller orders in between the larger ones,” she says.

She also points out that the cost of production at larger label manufacturing firms is relatively high and understandably so. “Large manufacturers have to charge a great deal more because set up costs are high and remain constant,” she says.

The cost factor frequently leads production managers to look to printed labels which can be produced a lot faster. As a production manager herself, she had to decide whether to go with printed or woven labels for her own line of clothing. She experimented with both and found printed labels lacking. “What value can there be in establishing brand name recognition when the labels you affix to your product fade to the point that they are unreadable after a washing or two?” she asks.

Frustrated by cost and slow delivery times, she ultimately decided to produce her own woven labels, first, to meet internal needs. In the process she discovered that the company had the ability to design and deliver custom woven clothing labels for less than most firms charge for the printed variety and in half the time. “Need being the mother of invention, we discovered that there is economy in scale, so we expanded our operation to meet the needs of other manufacturers,. In the process we opened Clothinglabels4U to meet what we believe is an under served market,” she says.

Lisa believes her firm has a couple of edges in the industry. The first comes in the form of reduced cost. “Because of the efficiencies involved, we are currently delivering product at 40% less than the majority of our competitors,” she said.

Secondly, Lisa believes they have an edge when it comes to delivery. “Since we specialize in servicing the needs of small to medium clothing firms and retailers, we can ordinarily deliver a small order of 1,000 woven clothing labels in a couple of weeks,” she says. “And I can tell you from personal experience that this is important to production managers who are under constant pressure to meet fixed production deadlines,” she added.

Clothinglabels4U is a subdivision of Bloomers4U, an established clothing manufacture in Orlando, Florida that specializes in the production of a unique line of custom clothing. Its current inventory includes, among other clothing items, ankle bloomers, capri pants, chemise shirts, eyelet bloomers, pantaloons, bloomer pajamas, knee bloomers, knickers, panteletts, short bloomers, and winter flannel bloomers. Bloomers4U also offers personalized embroidery services that give the company’s line of clothing that all important, personalized look.

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