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Label Types We Offer

We offer a variety of clothing labels and hang tags for your branding needs, including embroidered patches and custom logo patches. Check out our new tagless labels and rubber labels!  Ask about using our woven labels for crafts and handmade items.

Clear care labels     hang tag
             Clear TPU                           Hang Tag
cotton printed labels  cotton printed
Cotton Printed
  • Woven Name/Logo Label - Your logo or text either in color or black and white, in any size you need.
    • Woven Label Types-
      • Sew on - SA - Seam Allowance needed for attaching.
      • - These have a heat seal backing.
      • Self Adhesive- These are like stickers, they do not stay on during washings.
  • Care Labels/Tags - Specify care/washing instructions
  • Content Labels/Tag - Include fabric content
  • Size Labels - Unique to your needs or use our In-Stock supply: S, M, L, XL and more. Now available as Folded Taffeta!
  • Combination - A combination label can include ALL of the above listed, or any parts needed, just ask.
  • Hang Tags - Smudge-Proof, High Quality, Slight Gloss, Professionally Printed. Design your hangtags to match your logo and add that finishing touch to your finished garments. These can be 2-sided, in color or in black and white.
  • Thermal Printed Labels
    • Sew on - SA - Seam Allowance needed for attaching.
    • We offer a folded satin and synthetic, mostly for care labels
    • These are only one color and limited in the widths that are offered. Please ask us if you need more info.
  • Rubber, silicone or PVC Labels
  • See above, onclear or white, black, very cute
  • Heat Transfer Labels -
  • Some you need a heat press, ask us about the kind you can iron on at home. Customizing your clothing with personalized iron on labels and patches is super easy, cheap and fun.

Iron on and transfer Info:
Iron-On application Instructions for Tagless Transfers Labels- See Heat press for those instructions --

Prepping your Shirt: Make sure the material is clean, dry and experienced any possible shrinking. All items need to be washed and dried with no fabric softner or dryer sheets.

Ironing Surface: best results are accomplished by using a thin dish towel laid on a smooth, flat, and firm surface such as a kitchen table. Standard ironing boards are padded which reduces your ability to get a firm ironing.

Lay Out your shirt: Lay your shirt down and smooth-out any wrinkles in the shirt or towel.

Ironing on the transfers: pre-heat the iron at the cotton/wool setting (325-350 degrees) for three minutes. NEVER USE ANY STEAM. Run the heated iron for 50 seconds in a slow, smooth circular motion over the entire label, applying firm pressure. use a press cloth

If you should accidentally get any transfer on your iron, allow the iron to cool and then remove the transfer from the iron.

Testing your finished transfers: Lift side of label to make sure it is adhering to the fabric. If not continue ironing. If the paper lifts smoothly remove paper quickly white transfer is still hot/warm.

Proper transfer adhesion: A properly adhered transfer will stick to shirt with smooth edges that are not lifting up at all. Even the slightest lifting on an edge can result in the transfer getting damaged more and more over time.

Washing your shirt: To ensure that your transfer will last we recommend that when washing or drying your shirt, use a gentle cycle and medium heat in the dryer.

** There are suggested general application instructions. Directions my vary depending on iron, fabric and surface**

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Fabric Types We Offer

We offer labels in various fabric choices: damask, semi-damask, satin, and taffeta. Also, please consider your finishing styles.

  • Damask - This is a high density material label. Ours is 80 den
    If you would like a good finish, smoothness, and quality use this type of label.
  • Semi-Damask - This is a quality label.
  • Satin - This label has a shiny finish.
  • Taffeta - This label has a more of a flat finish.
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Why You'll Want to Buy From Us!

The 2 reasons that you will want my labels: the Quality and the Prices. They can not be beat! (Contact me for FREE samples)

  • FREE Basic set up with your information.
  • FREE Set Up with Artwork in JPG fomat.*
  • FREE Set Up with an actual-sized label.**
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Our Manufacturing Process

Our labels are manufactured using huge looms. Our factory uses Huge Weaving Looms. The labels off of the looms are in a ribbon like state, where they are then cut and sealed so the thread edges do not fray. The labels are then folded if needed and sent to packaging.

*If you require label design services, please contact our friends:

Pricing Information

Clothing Labels Prices range from :

1000 Logo/Name Labels: Prices starting at $390. plus shipping.
500 Logo/Name Labels: Prices starting at $290.00 plus shipping.
Minimum order 150 - Maximum is 500,000+


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**$ 25.00 Fee if changes are made by you after graphic is sent. **** Cancel fee is 25%

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