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Personalized Clothing Labels

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We can create your personalized, sewable labels any way you want. Our custom clothing labels are made to your specifications including logos, colors, and styles on your choice of fabric. Personalized clothing labels promote quality and luxury for any of your items.  They are also great for brand identity and serve as a reminder of your company to your customer for the lifetime of the product. That's also why these labels are great to use as custom fabric labels for handmade items or clothing tags for family's homemade clothes. 

Personalized labels can also be used to identify your kid's clothing and items while they are away at school or camp. These types of personalized labels can also come in handy when sorting laundry. You can personalize clothes by attaching a name label that contains the owner's name or initials to the collar or waistband of your clothes. 

Your personalized label will be as unique as you are! 

personalized clothing label

There is a reason that the clothing labels and hang tags made by ClothingLabels4u are used by many garment manufacturers, clothing designers, and crafters. They rely on our professional services, quick turn-around, low prices, and low minimums - with NO SETUP FEE on every order!

We will personalize your clothing labels any way you want so that your label will be as unique as you are. No label will compare to the one we create for you!

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