Gallery & Testimonials (2007)

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Here are several examples of labels we have created for various clients. Please note that each of these images are property of their respective owners and cannot be used without their expressed permission.

CustomerTestimonial 12/07
"FedEx just delivered the labels. I will sew the first one onto a garment in a few minutes. They look great."
CustomerTestimonial Darlene Rodriguez, 12/07
"Yes! I did finally receive my labels and I am ecstatic about the results!! I can't wait to start selling my product. Thank you very much!"
CustomerTestimonial Joyce Drupsteen, What U Love, 12/07
"The labels arrived while I was away on a 10-day trip, so they had been here a while. Didn't take them long to arrive and they look fabulous, thanks so much. Also love all the goodies you stuck in the box, thanks again."
CustomerTestimonial 12/07
"We got the tags, and they look great, thanks!"
CustomerTestimonial 12/07
"The labels arrived yesterday and look really good! The surface texture is tight and rich looking. The letter forms are very straight for 'woven type forms' and even the small word 'designs' reads. Edges look good. I am glad I went with the roll of labels, adhesive back and straight end cut on each label. It makes the label application so much easier. You were speedier than expected and that will also help me to move forward. Thank you so much! "
CustomerTestimonial Lesley, 12/07
"They were perfect. Thanks so much! "
CustomerTestimonial Kim Kruzich, 12/07
"The labels arrived and they're perfect. Thanks so much! It's been such a pleasure working with you! (you can use that, too!!) Thanks again!"
CustomerTestimonial Laurie Vasko 12/07
"Just wanted to let you know that I received my labels a couple days ago, they look great."