Gallery & Testimonials (2008)

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Here are several examples of labels we have created for various clients. Please note that each of these images are property of their respective owners and cannot be used without their expressed permission.

CustomerTestimonial Nataly, 11/08
"I received everything and they look perfect. Thank you, that was very fast."
CustomerTestimonial Sue, 11/08
"Just wanted to let you know we did get the patches and they look great!!! Thanks so much. We look forward to working with you all again!! Sure! Seeing the testimonials and pictures of the products you have done were a big part of us choosing to go with you all, really great!!"
CustomerTestimonial Rhonda, 11/08
"Got the labels, they are PERFECT! I love them!!! Thank you so much. When I need more I will contact you."
CustomerTestimonial Sam, 11/08
"The labels arrived and they look great! I am very happy with them, and will be in touch as I would like to make another label using part of the logo. Thanks!"
CustomerTestimonial Kristy Overman, Krusty Hats, 11/08
"Thanks so much! They look great! Can you say they kick ass?"
CustomerTestimonial Cathy, Popsie, 11/08
"The labels arrived Friday. they look great. Thank you so much. I will contact you when I need to order more. Have a great day."
CustomerTestimonial Mike, 11/08
"I received my patch order yesterday and everything looks great! Good-lookin out!"
CustomerTestimonial Ruby, 11/08
"I got my new tiny labels and I LOVE THEM! Thank you... I love working with you Lisa, I think we spoke only once on the phone when I first had my labels made. The rest of the time has been via e-mail and you still provide me with great personal assistance!! You rock..."
CustomerTestimonial Jeff, 11/08
"Yes I got my labels and i'm just thrilled with them! I cannot tell you how happy I am with the speedy turn around. Thank you for getting them to me in such a hurry. I will most certainly do business with you again in the future! Thank you. "
CustomerTestimonial Sarah,, 11/08
"We were thrilled with how our labels turned out. Everyone at Clothing Labels 4U was very easy to work with, and the end result was exactly what we wanted it to be!"
CustomerTestimonial 11/08
"We received our shipment and the ribbon looks great! Thank you! As always, it was a pleasure working with you."
CustomerTestimonial 11/08
"Thanks again for the label everything came out like we want it. Thank you lisa for the help. You can be sure we'll be back for more. "
CustomerTestimonial 11/08
"The labels were received and look great."
CustomerTestimonial Natalja Millsap, 11/08
"The labels are awesome, great quality and I like them a lot. Can't wait to incorporate them into my product. Thank you very much."
CustomerTestimonial Frankie Simmons, 11/08
"I received my clothing labels from ClothingLabels  The quality of the label was amazing and exactly what I had designed.  I am very impressed with the professionalism and impeccable quality of their product they did for my gown company.  I will use them again and again in the future as well as recommend them to fellow designers."
CustomerTestimonial Gabriela, 11/08
"YES! They're perfect. Thank you so much. You guys are great..."
CustomerTestimonial Marieluise, 11/08
"They're here and they are perfect!!!!! Thank you - it was a pain free process."
CustomerTestimonial 11/08
"Yes, I have received my labels and they look wonderful."
CustomerTestimonial Jennifer D. Sung, 11/08
"Thank you for the labels - they look great!!!"
CustomerTestimonial CustomerTestimonial Jamie, 11/08
"The labels arrived yesterday afternoon & look great. I am excited to get them on my bags. Thank you."
CustomerTestimonial Edwin, 11/08
"We definitely recieved our labels and they look awesome! We are all very excited and we thank you and clothinglabels4u, for all they great work! We'll definitely be doing all our future label orders from your guys, for many years to come :)"
CustomerTestimonial Stephanie, 11/08
"Yes, they are beautifully done. Thank you so much."
CustomerTestimonial 11/08
"The labels arrived and they look great! I love doing business with you. You guys are always so quick!"
CustomerTestimonial Sally, 11/08
"I just got my labels and they are beautiful!!! Thanks for all your help! I am glad I chose to go with you. I wish you the best."
CustomerTestimonial 10/08
"My labels are wonderful and have added such a finishing touch to my designs. Thank you."
CustomerTestimonial 10/08
"Thank you for checking and making sure that the labels got here, and that they look o.k. They got here and they look great. Thank you for good work and I look forward to working with you again when we need more labels, and of the other things that you offer."
CustomerTestimonial 10/08
"Yes, received the labels and they look great - thanks for all your help."
CustomerTestimonial 10/08
"Hey! I got the labels today and they are great! Thanks a lot for the speediness. I really appreciate it."
CustomerTestimonial Michelle, Berkshire Bags, 10/08
"I received my labels today and absolutely love them. I can't wait until I can order some other colors. By the way, the color of these turned out perfect. Thank you so much."
CustomerTestimonial Janice, 10/08
"Yes, the labels arrived and are awesome!! Thank you so much for a great job."
CustomerTestimonial Greg, 10/08
"They did [arrive], thank you, and they are GREAT!"
CustomerTestimonial Jenny Doane, 10/08
"Yes, we received the labels and are 100% satisfied! The labels came out beautifully...better than we could have expected, and your service to our business has been continually fast and efficient. Thank you so much!"
CustomerTestimonial Vanessa, 10/08
"I just opened the box and the labels look great! Please thank Lisa so much!! I am so happy and cannot tell you how much it meant to me that your personal attention to these was given! They are exactly right! Look forward to using you again when I need more labels."
CustomerTestimonial Peter M., 10/08
"I received the labels the other day. They look good."
CustomerTestimonial Stephanie, 10/08
"I did receive them and they look great. Thank you!"
CustomerTestimonial Kathy, 10/08
"They arrived and look great. Of course! I love these labels and can't wait to sew them on my art pieces! Thank you."
CustomerTestimonial Richard, 10/08
"The labels came and they look great! They arrived much quicker than I anticipated. Thank you very much."
CustomerTestimonial Nightwing, 10/08
"In short -- I *love* them. Thank you so much."
CustomerTestimonial Jon Mishner, Eleven O Twelve Clothing Company, 10/08
"I could not be more pleased and impressed with's quality of work, custom service and affordability. It's no wonder they are the leader in their industry. They are the only label and hangtab company I refer to friends, family, peers and fellow business owners."
CustomerTestimonial Louise Cutting, 10/08
"The labels look great. Thank you very much."
CustomerTestimonial Jeanne Lamourt , 10/08
"Yes, I received the labels and they look wonderful. Thank you and I will definitely order more when I run out."
CustomerTestimonial 10/08
"We got them, and they look very good. Thanks."
CustomerTestimonial Suze Perrott , 10/08
"Yes, my labels have safely arrived and I love them. Thanks!"
CustomerTestimonial 10/08
"We did receive the labels and they were everything we expected and more! Thanks so much for the wonderful work and the ability to process our order so fast."
CustomerTestimonial Jana Mosher, Beltz 4 Kidz, 10/08
"Hi - yes thank you - and I have received my hang tags. They are great quality - really happy with them. Many thanks."