Gallery & Testimonials (2005)

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Here are several examples of labels we have created for various clients. Please note that each of these images are property of their respective owners and cannot be used without their expressed permission.

CustomerTestimonial Patricia Harris, 12/05
"My labels are here!!!!!! They are perfect! Awesome. I love them. Thank you for all your help in getting them designed and ordered. I will call on you again when I am ready to order cards and/or more labels. You are great. "
CustomerTestimonial Cierra, 12/05
"These labels couldnt be more PERFECT!! thanks again for everything! i'll be doing business with you again! thank you and happy holidays!"
CustomerTestimonial Julie,, 11/05
"YES! They got here last Friday. Thanks so much! They're going to work perfectly. I really appreciate you being so on top of things. You do a great job!~~ I think you deserve a raise...."
CustomerTestimonial Amanda Midkiff,, 12/05
"My labels did arrive and they are fantastic!! I cannot wait to begin filling more orders, just so I can stitch on the labels! They look great, I could not be more pleased. Please feel free in adding my response to your webpage so everyone seeking labels will know to get them from you!!"
CustomerTestimonial LeAnna, 11/05
"We were extrememly happy with our labels. They were great quality and we will definately come back to you when we are ready to reorder! Thanks again! "
CustomerTestimonial Carol, 10/05
"I received my labels last week, and I love them!! Thank you for all your help and the great service!!! I will order from you again."
CustomerTestimonial Darlette Drummond, The Elegant Hook, 10/05
"The labels are a HIT!!!!!! Just the touch needed for my crochet items. I still have about two boxes left, however I have been diligently using them quickly. You did a fabulous job and I have been passing your name around in all the circles that I associate with. Hope all is well. Again thanks!!"
CustomerTestimonial Adrienne Merrill, Adrienne Merrill Designs, 10/05
"Wow as soon as I received them, I sent you a quick email on how much I LOVED THEM!!:) tHEY WERE PERFECT. AND I LOVED THE COLOR!~!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH":) :) Not only will I definitely recommend you, but I can't wait to order again from you in the future, whether labels or tags. "