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Woven Clothing Labels - Cuts , Types and Styles

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Center Folds are woven labels that are folded in half. So the "loop" label that you find in the neck of some shirts that have a company name or logo on the front and then on the under side there is care and content information about the garment.

End Folds are labels that have the left and right sides of the label tucked under the body of the label so the ends are finished. There is then space on the four corners of the label to sew it on to the garment. These are typically found in the neck of higher end garments.

Fuse Cut or Straight Cut is a label that has no folds and is typically sewn on all four sides, suitable for the outside of a garment or bag. My labels all come with the edges finished and will not fray !!

WOVEN CLOTHNG LABELS- Main Types and styles

Damask Woven Labels – Damask has a soft, subtle texture with a very tight weave. It is suitable for high-end garments that require a refined trim finish. The loom weaves this label slower than other labels thereby giving the label a nice uniform weave. This type of weave is the perfect clothing label if you are searching for a label that will give a high-end impression. The damask label is also ideal for intricate logo or artwork. The slower loom speed allows great depth in logos, color separation, detail and clarity.

Damask Iron 0n Woven Label – an iron-on label that is convenient for numerous applications. These iron on labels are produced on damask weave looms. Factories can achieve great detail on these clothing labels which can then be adhered to the garment application by setting a household iron on "cotton" and passing over the label allowing the heat sensitive backing to liquefy and set to the fabric material. These are super durable and adhere after numerous washings but should not be viewed as similar in strength to a sew-in label.

Damask Peel & Stick woven Labels - Also called "pressure sensitive" labels. These labels arrive on a roll form. Factories can transform your logo into a great looking peel & stick clothing label that is perfect for shoes, bags, books, etc. Quick and easy to apply – this is a great clothing label solution for your identity requirement. While these woven labels give great depth to the product, the product to which the label is being applied should not be something that is repeatedly washed or laundered. These are not suitable labels for continuous washing cycles. It is recommended that if the product will be washed and laundered more than 2-3 times, the label will eventually being to peel off. However applied on shoe soles, books or bags that do not require heavy washing, the labels remain for years.

Our labels are manufactured using huge looms. Our factory uses Huge Weaving Looms. The labels off of the looms are in a ribbon like state, where they are then cut and sealed so the thread eddges do not fray.
The labels are then folded if needed and sent to packaging.


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