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Testimonials (2015)

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Seaworld Label
Yes, we received the tags and they are great!
Thanks so much for all of your help.
-Horace Lanier
SeaWorld Orlando
Norwegian Cruise LIne
I have the boxes and the labels are perfect.
Thanks again for your great service.
Best regards,
Norwegian Cruise Line® 

Hi All: got the labels and adore them.
Thanks, xoxox Suede
I was very happy with my order.   Clothing Labels 4 U worked within in my time frame and even stepped outside of the box to find me the metallic threads I was looking for. 
Thanks Lisa and Clothing Labels 4 U
.xoxox Suede Project Runway on Bravo
Custom FOrd labels
Lisa, we received the Ford tie labels this morning and they look great. Thanks for your help, special service and compassion. You are the BEST! Please let me know if I can be of any help to you or if I can meet you for lunch at  the Stage Deli  when you are in town. M. Shoushanian

tightclub woven label

Thanks again for such prompt and professional service.
The labels are of superb quality, with graphics sharply defined and precise.
This service is perfect for our limited edition specialty collections.
Jean 7/13

Woven Label

They were great. Already attatched & shipped to my client. We will definately be doing more business.

Thank You, Pat L. 8/10

Custom Printed labels

Thermal Printed Synthetic
I have received my labels, and they look great!!!
I am pleased with your services.
I may get back with you for more labels when we get there.
I thank you for your time and patience.
Thanks, Anuj 5/11

Mens clothing labels

Yes, thank you guys..

I will do business again with you guys 8/15


Woven Damask, Folded

Yes I did receive my order. 
I will be doing business with

you guys in the future 8/15


Woven Damask, Flat - with multiple sizes

custom clothing labels
Pet labels

Yes, I received the labels.  They are perfect and the quick turnaround is very much appreciated. 8/15


Woven Damask, End Folded

The tags are perfect! Everything is good to go!

Thanks a lot! 8/15

Woven Damask, Centerfolded and Side Attaching



Hem Labels
make your own clothing labels

I got the labels today and they are great

thank you for the extras. 8/15



Woven Damask, Flat

I received my labels today.  They are perfect! I love them! They are nice and crisp and clear like I expect them to be! Thank you so much! 8/15


Woven Damask, Flat

designer clothing labels
Custom clothing labels

Everything was in order and your service was great!
Thank you 8/15


Woven Damask, end Folded

Thank you so much for all the time you spent working with me and taking the extra time to help me each step.

This has been the easiest process I've experienced

in the past year that I've worked with manufactures

and digital printing. Thank you!!! 8/15


Digital Laser printed satin

Digital laser satin

custom clothing labels cheap

Lisa, this is the second time that I have used your services with complete satisfaction. We can't wait to sew our new labels with our newly received "Patent Number" and "Made in the USA" sewn into the new label. Thank you so much for taking your time and expertise in the deveoplment of what I feel is an outstanding label for our product. While I was displaying my product at an International Boat Show recently, a gentleman who owned a custom yacht bedding company was envious of the Fantastic Labels your company provided for my product. So much so, that he begged me for your information. He wanted to have the same Rich look that my product had. Thanks again for making my product stand out above the crowd. 8/15

I did receive my order and they are perfect!!

Thank you so much! 8/15


Woven Damask, End Folded 

Custom clothing labels
personalized fabric labels for clothes

I received my labels and am very pleased!

Thank you and i look forward

to working with you! 8/15


Woven Damask, Seam allowance on ends

Thanks for reaching out. Yes! We love the labels. Thanks for your work!  



Woven Damask, Side attaching

make your own clothing labels
Branding Labels

I received my labels yesterday! They are beautiful!

Thank you so much for your awesome

service and product!! 7/15


Woven Damask, Folded 

I received my labels yesterday! They are beautiful! Thank you so much for your awesome service and product!!  7/15


Woven Damask, Flat - top attaching

Woven Crafting labels
Fashion Labels

I have my order and am really happy with it!!

  Thanks 7/15

Woven Damask, Seam allowance one top

Yeah, we got it. Love them.

Thank you!! 7/15


Woven Damask, Flat

Advertising labels
Fashion Labels

Yes I did receive my order and it is fine 7/15


Woven Damask, Flat

We got the labels and they are perfect.

Thank you. 7/15


Woven Damask, Flat  

Custom woven labels
Mens fashion labels

Yes I have them and they are fine.

Thanks 7/15


Woven Damask, Hem Labels

I have  received them and I love them!
Thank you guys!! 7/15


Woven Damask

Custom Clothing labels
Cotton printed labels

So very pleased with our labels from Clothing Labels 4 U. The quality is wonderful, the production is fast and they are always so quick to respond to emails.

Always a pleasure! 7/15


Cotton Printed, Centerfolded

Care instructions

Yes got them - They look great.

Thanks! 7/15


Woven Damask, centerfolded

Custom Hem Tags
Custom fashion labels

Thank you!  Yes I received my labels

and they are great 7/15


Woven Damask

The labels are really well done. The detail is beautiful and the service was fast and excellent. 7/15


Cotton Printed, White

Cotton Printed Labels
Fashion Woven

We did receive the label's , and we are very happy with them , and will order from you again when we need more . Probably some time next year ! Thank-you for checking with us ! Have a wonderful day ! 6/15


Woven Damask

Graphic taken from woven satin label

Yes we have received the order 
And all is well. 6/15


Woven Damask

Information Labels
Fashion Labels

I received the labels yesterday and as usual they are fabulous. Thanks again for such lovely work.  Everyone I have shown the labels to are fascinated with the quality of the label.  I just tell them I know who to order from.  6/15


Woven Damask


I received the labels today! Thank you so much for your work. Is exactly what I wanted :)

Once we get this business running for good I will ask you for more labels and tags :) 6/15


Thermal printed satin

Satin printed ribbon
Custom fashion labels

Yes we did, thanks again! 6/15


Woven Damask, Center folded

Yes, we received our order and everything looks great! Thank you all very much for helping me with this project.

Have a great day! 6/15


Woven Damask, Centerfolded

Event Labels
Custom Fashion Labels

Looked good 6/15

Woven Damask, Side attaching

I did receive and am very happy with the results!  Thank you again Lisa for all your help. 6/15


Digital Laser Printed Satin

Multiple color printed satin
custom labels for events

We received our labels today and they look great! Thank you for all of your help with this project

and meeting our in hands date 6/15


Woven Damask, Flat

Yes, I received them yesterday. They ARE beautifully done,

but otherwise perfect, thank you!

Nicely done! Please thank Lisa for me too. 5/15


Woven Damask, Flat

Craft Labels
Custom fashion labels

Thanks Nyda. Got them yesterday.

They look great. Thanks! 5/15


Woven Damask, Centerfolded

Lisa – I received the labels yesterday. They look great!!! Thanks again and I will definitely be back 5/15


Woven Damask

Custom Fashion labels
Custom hang tags

Yes everything was received and looks great!

Thanks so much. 5/15


Satin Printed, folded

Hang tags, single sided

They did arrive.  So far, they seem to

be working out great and

they look wonderful! 5/15


Woven Damask, end Folded

Fashion Labels
Self Adhesive Woven labels

Yes, the labels arrived in good condition

- thank you. 5/15


Woven Damask

Thank you very much, they look good! 5/15


  • Hang Tags - Die Cut
  • Woven Labels - Metallic Threads
Custom Hang Tags
Cotton printed labels

I am a very happy person with the product you guys delivered to me. I am excited to move forward and get these sewn onto my products and start selling!!!!
I will be coming back to you guys in the future,

give my best to Lisa. 5/15

Cotton Printed, Center folded

Yes they look great.

Thanks for following up! 5/15


Printed Satin, Folded - Tear away

Tear away tags
Labels for ties

We got the labels today!

Thank you for putting a rush on those.

You saved us from having to

fill orders with no tags on them! 5/15 

Yes. They did arrive and came out perfect. Tell Lisa and everyone else thank you for us. We appreciate the help during the order process and keeping us informed during production and afterwards. 5/15

Woven Damask, Centerfolded

Fashion labels
Custom Woven Labels

They look good. Thank you 5/15


Woven Damask, Folded

Just got the Labels! They are perfect!
Thank You All!  
Such a Classy Label!
Makes me proud ! 5/15


Woven Damask, end Folded

Childrens Labels
Cotton Printed

The labels worked out very well!

The quality was really good! 5/15


Cotton Printed, Folded - Natural colored

The labels are great! Thank You. 5/15


Satin Printed, Iron On

Satin Iron on Labels
Custom woven patch

Hi the labels arrive very well thank you 
Everything looks great 5/15

Thank you all, the order is good with me.

I love them 5/15

Hem Labels
Cotton labels

Hi- yes I got them Friday

and they are great! 5/15

I want to take this time out to thank you so much!!!
The delivery came and I have the labels which are 
spectacular! Thank you for all the additional items, and
extral labels, the gesture is greatly appreciated :-).
Now I will spend my morning putting together the first set of garments and 
testing the marketing power. 4/15


Woven Damask, End Folded

Custom Knitting Labels
Craft labels

We received them – they look great.

Thank you! 4/15


Woven Damask, CenterFolded

Lisa I got the labels and the look wonderful!!

I can't wait to start ironing! ( did I really just say that? )
Thanks so much for a great job! 4/15


Woven Damask, Iron On

Woven Patch
Hem Labels

The tags came out absolutely amazing! The skulls look awesome the teeth are aLl consistent, all of them have the same quality. I was very excited when I saw them, thanks for everything Lisa!!  4/15


Woven Damask, Hem Label

Hi Ladies,

My flossie labels arrived today and they look great!!
  I cannot wait to sew them on all of my baby items. 
I knew they would look good but they look even better than I imagined. 
Now my bibs, quilts, etc. will look more polished and less crafty – thanks to the custom labels. 
Thanks for all of your help and patience!

Thanks!! Angela 4/15
custom woven baby label


Hi Nyda,
Apologies for taking so long to reply to your email.
The order arrived safely and the items look good!
Thank you so much,
Haritiana 4/15
custom clothing labels

All labels are great!!
thank you 4/15
Custom Woven ClothingLabels

Hi Nyda,

I did receive them and they are just adorable.
I am so happy with them.

Thank you for everything!

Megan 4/15

"Lisa, I received the woven patches I ordered.
I was very happy with the quality and the timeliness of the delivery. 
It was a pleasure dealing with you and members of your staff during the initial steps of the order. 
Count me as another satisfied and happy customer.
You can also count on my referral and I look forward to a continued relationship with your company.

Again, thank you!"
Garry 4/15

They look great..

Jefferson 4/15

Yes, I received them
and I am satisfied. 

Thank You

Annie 4/15
I received my labels!

Thank you so much Lisa!

I'm very pleased! 

Charity 4/15

I love the new labels!!!
I will order more when the time comes!!!

Classy !!
Thank you so much

Sue 4/15 (Custom Woven Clothing Labels)

Hello Nyda,

Yes we received them. (Custom Satin Printed Lables)
We are pleased with the order.
Thank you.

Warm Regards,
Cody 4/15

Hi zyda

The order arrived perfect very happy 

Regards Loris 4/15

Everything looks great...already used some...

of those satin printed ribbons
THANKS!!!! 4/15

Hello, Nyda. 
Our labels were received and were fine, thank you! 

 We have already used several!

Teddy and Jeanine 4/15

The order arrived beautifully!
Thank you so very much.
Rebecka 4/25
Sent from my iPhone - Custome WOven Clothing Labels

Ref # 15624 re order- Custom woven labels

They did great job once again! 4/15

Everything is great thanks 4/15

Folded woven labels

Custom woven clothing labels--- too cute !!


The tags look great, thank you.

Tunde 4/15

Satin Printed Clothing Labels

Thank you everything arrived and looks great.

Chuck 4/15


Got my order today & I think they're pretty perfect.
Thank you for all your help!

Christina 4/15

I receive my tags...

Love them 4/15

Yes, they are great. Thank you 3/15

Thermal printed satin - End folded

The tags came! They are amazing! ! Very impressed! 3/15

Woven Damask, Flat - Top Attaching wovenclothing label

Yes I did receive my order

and they are fine 3/15

Woven Damask, Centerfolded - Top Attaching

The labels arrived and look great! 3/15

Woven Damask, Centerfolded - Top Attaching

My apologies for the late reply.  We did receive the labels and are very pleased. 

Thank you so much for the extra labels and gift, we look forward to our next order. 

Thank you and God bless! 3/15

Woven Damask, Folded - Top attaching

Yes I am we'll please, Thank you. Tell Lisa looking to see her down on South Beach soon, for lunch.

Take care, and will contact you soon. 3/15

Woven Damask, Flat - Seam Allowance all around

Thanks I got it all and it looks great! 3/15

Woven Damask

They look great.

Thank you for the order. 3/15

Woven Damask, Flat - Seam Allowance on top

Yes Yes theyhave arrived and

I love them thanks 3/15

Woven Damask, Flat - Seam Allowance all around

I would just like to thank you for your services and tell you that you guys did a great job.
We ordered from you in January and we are happy to say that the hem tags look great.

So far, it's been a little rough selling so we are unsure if we will order again but if our sales are high enough, we will definitely use Clothing Labels 4 U again!
Once again, thank you for the work you've done and I hope we will work together again. 3/15

Woven Damask, Hem Label - Centerfolded

The labels are beyond perfect - THANK YOU! 

I appreciate the turnaround speed as well.

You guys are the best! 3/15

Non Thermal Printed Satin - Double Sided

My labels arrived yesterday and they're simply amazing!

Thank you so much! :)
I'll definitely be putting in a reorder when I run out!
Thanks again! 3/15

Woven Damask, Centerfolded

Custom Woven Damask, Made in USA label

Shiny Gold Threads 3/15

Thank you for following up with me after the sale.

Yes the labels arrived and are just as expected.

Thank you for the excellent quality. We look

forward to using your services again soon 3/15

Woven Damask, Centerfolded uses for all of our product tags.

They are of the highest quality and they arrive within the time frame they provide.

We have used them for many years now. Thank you for always providing us a quality tag for our quality products! Lisa Compton, Founder/President 3/15

Woven Damask, Centerfolded - top attaching

"Sometime words cannot complete

the feeling we have,
Reviews help future customer's

but wake up this morning was amazing
touching my Labels. This was more than

 perfect and nicely done!
Thanks." 3/15

Woven Damask, Flat

I did very well get the labels for my dresses,

and I am also very pleased with them.

Thank you for such great customer service and

I'll be sure to order from you guys again! 3/15

Woven Damask, Flat - Seam allowance all around

We received them and they are perfect!!!

Can’t thank you enough! We were able

to meet our deadline as well, so really

appreciate the quick turnaround.

It was a pleasure working with you guys,

 I look forward to doing business with you again! 3/15

Woven Damask, CenterFolded - Side attaching

Everything looked great thank you.

We were very pleased with the finish product

and look forward to working with you again. 3/15

Woven Damask, CenterFolded

I received the labels and they look great!! Thank you so much for everything! 3/15

Woven Damask, Flat - Seam Allowance on ends

Lisa and her team did an OUTSTANDING job for me quickly and beautifully! 
I made 45 beautiful embroidered pillows for holiday gifts for my children's teachers and administrators and wanted to add a special tag so they could remember my kids for years to come. I've never used the company before and they went above and beyond to help me get this done in time. I used a simple printed version which turned out nicely. Lisa and her team even communicated via email to me on Thanksgiving Day, which was amazing to me. Who does that? I was very pleased and will use them again for sure! 3/15

Thermal Printed Satin, In House printed labels

Yep, I just got them. 

They look great! 3/15

Custom double sided Hang Tags

New Tags came out clean!
Thanks to Clothing Labels 4 U for these stellar tags for us . 3/15

Woven Damask, Centerfolded

I forgot to tell you I LOVE my labels! 

They really turned out perfect! 3/15

Woven Damask, Flat

I got the labels and they are perfect.

Thank you! 3/15

Cotton Printed Twill, Centerfolded - Natural 

They arrived few days ago and they look really nice!

Thank you! 3/15

Woven Damask, Centerfolded

Yes, they're amazing!

Thank you! 3/15

Woven Damask, Flat - Seam allowance on ends

They are so pretty and add

so much to our clothing. 3/15

Cotton Printed, End Folded

I just received the labels and they look awesome.

We are very pleased with the product, and will be ordering more when we use all of these.  3/15

Woven Damask, Flat - Seam allowance all around

We received them this week.

Thank you 3/15

Woven Damask, Iron on for

each individual name

Took me couple years to discover

. I was hesitant...took months to make the decision...since I am a small business owner/clothing designer..but they are FAHBULOUS! ABSOLUTE PERFECTION! with the design my daughter created, Lisa's expertise, and who ever else at CL4U made it possible, I thank you! VERY SATISFIED...also...extra faaast with production AND delivery! 3/15

Woven Damask, Flat - Seam allowance all around

Yes they arrived  last night and I have to say I am very pleased with them they look amazing!

Please tell Lisa she did a great job and I look forward to working with her again! 

Thank you again honestly they look amazing I couldn't be happier with the results of the hem labels. 3/15 

Woven Damask, Centerfolded

I just rceived the order and the

1,000 piece labels look great! 3/15

Woven Damask

Everything is perfect. Thank you very much 3/15

Woven Damask, end folded

Hi there. Yes I did receive them and I am very

pleased with the results, as well as the customer service

provided. I will definitely be doing

business with your company again! 2/15

Woven Damask, End Folded, Custom Label

Hey Lisa, we are selling these at the market, and hopefully, we'll start using less of the plastic bags 2/15

Woven Damask Custom Labels, Flat

Clothing Labels 4 U created hem cuff labels that fit perfectly on my reversible clothing designs.

They were able to provide the expertise that I was looking for as a first time designer.
The process was well communicated throughout and did not take long at all for me to receive the final product. I appreciate the follow up messages they sent to make sure I received the product as promised. I would definitely use Clothing Labels 4 U again! 2/15

Thermal Printed Satin

I received my labels on Friday. They look fabulous!

Thanks so much for you assistance throughout this project.

I've already started using them. 2/15

Woven Damask, Centerfolded 

Just got labels and they are great!

Had a great experience with the whole process,

it was my first time getting labels made

for my clothing business.  2/15

1 - Woven/Center Folded/Top Attaching

2 - Woven/Center Folded/Bottom Attaching

How are you doing, I was just letting you

know I received the labels and they are amazing!

Thank you so much pleasure

doing business with you. 2/15

Woven Damask, End Folded

I don't use them very fast, but I really like your labels for my work -- every one is well made; no discards.

And they are top quality!  2/15

Woven Damask, Centerfolded

We've ordered labels from you numerous times and the service, turn around time, and end product are always exceptional.
As business owners we know the work that is involved to make and keep customers happy so we just want to thank you for all the effort that goes into keeping us happy! Here is a bike seat bag prototype with one of our beautiful labels on it. 2/15

Brian and Monica

Woven Damask, Flat Labels

Thankyou so much for the tags!! 

I will definitely be ordering again from you,

and also different products too!
But thanks for everything

it's exactly what I wanted. 2/15

Woven Damask, centerfolded

They look good to me.  Thanks! 2/15

Cotton Printed, side attaching

We got the labels.

They look great. Thanks! 2/15

Woven Custom Labels, centerfolded

My labels arrived this week

and they look perfect!
Just wanted to let you know

how pleased I am! 2/15

Woven Damask, Flat

I’ve received the labels and they’re much closer to what we were looking for!
Thank you for sending them, they look great!
Were in the process of making the beanies with the black labels we made with you earlier. 2/15

Woven Damask, Custom Labels, Centerfolded

Yes.  Everything looks fine.  Thank you 1/15

Woven Damask, Flat - Seam allowance on all 4 sides

I received my sew in labels and I love them.

They are the perfect size and just what I wanted. 

Excellent service and fast delivery

especially all the way to Australia! 1/15

Woven Damask, Top attaching

They are fast, precise, helpful and

provide a wonderful product.

Thanks so much!! (Lisa rocks!) 1/15


Thanks Lisa for helping me get the perfect labels for my product. They look wonderful and

I could not be happier with them! 1/15

You were really great, Denise. You were so responsive and helpful at every step.
That made the experience very positive for me. It's one thing for a company to do great business when every thing goes right, but to handle things well when things don't go as planned and have the client feel looked out for in the process makes a real difference.
That's top notch customer service.

I look forward to working with you in the future. 1/15

Cotton Printed Labels, Centerfolded

We get thousands of our labels made by you guys every year and they are all 100% perfect!
I'm glad to have found your company.

-Tim 1/15

Woven Damask, Center Folded - Hem Tag

This is the third time I have ordered my

woven damask labels from you and I love them every time. They're the perfect

finishing touch to my handmade Infinity Scarves.

Lisa is great to work with and my order

is always completed quickly and with great quality.

Thank you Clothing Labels 4 U! 1/15

I love them.  They are beautiful!  

Thank you! 1/15

Woven Damask Custom Labels, Center Folded

So far everything is great!
You all were a dream to work with and helped a totally inexperienced gal create perfect labels for my breast cancer reconstruction tank tops. You're the best! 1/15

Woven Damask and Cotton Printed - side attaching

Thank you.
We are very happy with the tags.

Thank you very much. 1/15

Custom Fashion Labels, Woven Damask

Yes they did, I received them yesterday they look great!
I'm very pleased with how they turned out.  1/15

Custom label, Woven Damask, Flat - attached on all 4 sides

Everything was perfect as usual!  

Thank you for such beautiful labels!! 1/15

Woven Damask, End folded, Side Attaching

Yes, i am pleased with the order,

Thank You 1/15

Woven Damask, Flat - Top attaching

Just letting you know that I've just received the labels and the hang tags this this afternoon and they look excellent!

Thank you very much for all your help and cooperation! More than likely you'll be hearing from me again enquiring about more orders; hopefully soon! 1/15

Woven Damask Label, Flat :) Hang Tags, Double sided

We received our label order in good fashion.

Thank you all and especially Lisa for providing such good service. When ready, we will be placing more

business with your company. 1/15

Woven Damask, end Folded. Color Split

Yes. They have arrived....They're really nice!

 I am very pleased! 1/15

Woven Damask, Flat - top attaching

I love them! 
Thank you 1/15

Woven Damask

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"I went with another company because their quote was cheaper, which was a mistake because I am not happy with their work. So I will need to make another order soon."

"I am starting to understand that to go with a lesser expensive company might not be the best option in the long run for quality and great service,like you have provided to me. It seems like these very low quotes may not be the quality we are wanting for our clothing. I appreciate that you have been so helpful with me on this as our company is just starting out and I am learning the ropes"

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