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Testimonials (2017)

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Cheap fashion labels

Yes, I did and they are amazing. Thanks for them! 3/17

Thanks and Aloha,

Timothy Welch

Seaworld Label
Yes, we received the tags and they are great!
Thanks so much for all of your help.
-Horace Lanier
SeaWorld Orlando
Norwegian Cruise LIne
I have the boxes and the labels are perfect.
Thanks again for your great service.
Best regards,
Norwegian Cruise Line® 

Hi All: got the labels and adore them.
Thanks, xoxox Suede
I was very happy with my order.   Clothing Labels 4 U worked within in my time frame and even stepped outside of the box to find me the metallic threads I was looking for. 
Thanks Lisa and Clothing Labels 4 U
.xoxox Suede Project Runway on Bravo
Custom FOrd labels
Lisa, we received the Ford tie labels this morning and they look great. Thanks for your help, special service and compassion. You are the BEST! Please let me know if I can be of any help to you or if I can meet you for lunch at  the Stage Deli  when you are in town. M. Shoushanian

tightclub woven label

Thanks again for such prompt and professional service.
The labels are of superb quality, with graphics sharply defined and precise.
This service is perfect for our limited edition specialty collections.
Jean 7/13

Woven Label

They were great. Already attatched & shipped to my client. We will definately be doing more business.

Thank You, Pat L. 8/10

Custom Printed labels

Thermal Printed Synthetic
I have received my labels, and they look great!!!
I am pleased with your services.
I may get back with you for more labels when we get there.
I thank you for your time and patience.
Thanks, Anuj 5/11

We operate under very tight timelines at our factory, which is why working with Lisa at ClothingLabels4U has been such a joy for us. She’s prompt to reply, gives us great pricing on their in-stock labels, and ships her high-quality products to us lightning fast to make sure we don’t miss our deadlines. We look forward to ordering from her again soon! 3/17


Taffeta Size Tabs

Size Tabs
Custom Tear off labels

I received the order and they are perfect!!!  Thank you so much and I will definitely order from you again! 3/17


Printed Tear offs - Double sided with sizes

Hang tags - Die cut round

Yes, we received the labels

and they are perfect! 3/17

Custom hang tags
woven apparel labels

They are perfect, as always.

Thanks! 3/17


Woven Damask, End Folded

We did receive the tags, and they look great. Thank you for checking in. Have a wonderful week.  3/17

Woven Damask, Flat - 1/8 Seam Allowance on all 4 sides

Woven Labels
Custom kids clothes labels

We did receive them and from what we saw initially,

they look great!

Thank you so much for keeping the files on record for so long. Have a wonderful week! 3/17

Woven Damask, End Folded

All present and accounted for,

they look great, thank you! 3/17


Woven Damask, End Folded

Inexpensive woven labels
Clothing brands

Sorry for getting back to you so late but thank you for the quick turn around time we were able to make our deadline and made it to the tradeshow. 3/17


Woven Damask, End folded - 1/8 Seam allowance all around

Thank you so much for your help. The labels arrived and they look beautiful! Thank you again, we look forward to working with you again in the future.  3/17


Woven Damask, Flat - No seam allowance

Custom clothing labels low minimums
Personalized woven labels

We did receive the order, and are very pleased.

Thanks for following up! 3/17


Woven Damask - End Folded

We did receive all the labels and could not be more pleased.  Thank you so much for the great work and for being easy to work with.  We will touch base on any future projects once they come up. 3/17


Woven Damask, Flat - .25 " seam allowance on all 4 sides

custom clothing labels
Woven apparel labels

Everything turned out great! 3/17


Woven Damask - Centerfolded with Sizes

Hi Lisa, Just received the labels . Love them thank you.

Let's talk jewelry cards next month. 3/17


Woven Damask, Centerfolded - .25" seam allowance on top 

Couture labels
Mens custom clothing labels

Yep, everything is good.  Thanks! 3/17


Woven Damask, Flat - 1/8 seam allowance on all 4 sides

Love them Lisa. Already using them. 

They are high quality and exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks for the super fast service. 3/17


Woven Damask, Centerfolded - .5" SA on top

Custom furniture labels
Satin Printed Labels

Yes, everything looks good!
Thank you for the follow up. 3/17


Satin Printed - Flat - 1/8 Seam Allowance on all 4 sides

Yes love them thank you!!!

You're the best!! 3/17


Cotton Printed - Centerfolded

Custom care labels
Custom Fashion Labels

I received my labels... All looks good.

Thanks for the prompt service. 3/17


Woven Damask, Flat - 1/8 Seam Allowance on all 4 sides

The patches are great, thank you!

After years of other "iron on" patches,

yours actually stick like glue!

The patches look great and add

team spirit to the back of ordinary camp chairs! 3/17

Custom Fashion Labels

Hi Lisa thanks very much for the

samples of the tags I got them over the

weekend was a lil busy.

They look nice thanks again. 2/17


Woven Damask, Centerfolded

Label were perfect 
Thanks for follow up. 2/17


Thermal Printed Satin - Centerfolded

Thermal printed satin
Personalized custom labels

I got them late yesterday and they look AMAZING!!! 

Such great work- thank you! 2/17


Woven Damask, Flat

I received the Labels and love them. Thank you.  2/17


Woven Damask, End Folded

Custom Labels for hats
Cheap custom labels

The client received the labels and absolutely loves them!

Thanks so much for everything. 2/17


Woven Damask, Iron On

Yes, I received the new shipment of labels. 

All is well! 2/17


Woven Damask, 1/8 Seam Allowance all around 

Cheap custom labels
Double sided hang tags

"I presented Clothing Lable 4U with my personally , designed customized logo for hang tags. They did a great job.  I appreciated Lisa Rosenberg's integrity. I will do business with them again. Thanks again." 2/17


Hang Tags - Double sided

Aloha Miss Lisa, Got my "Kick Ass Hawaii"

labels and am very happy as always.

Was down to one label and like magic they arrived.

Mahalo! 2/17


Woven Damask, Centerfolded

Custom Bag Labels
Custom Fashion Labels

I received them and they are beautiful!

Thanks for checking in!! 2/17


Woven Damask, Centerfolded

Yes, rec'd the order.  Many thanks

(and for the other goodies too!) 2/17


Woven Damask, .25 inch tall - Iron On

Small woven  Labels
Perforated Hang Tags

Customer loved it! Ready for Valentines Day.

Thanks for your help. 2/17


Hang Tags - Cotton String - Rounded Corners - Perforated

Yes I received the labels and am enjoying using them!  

Can't wait to move onto the next level.

Thank you again for all your help! 2/17


Thermal Printed Satin - Centerfolded

Thermal printed satin
custom clothing labels sewing

'The woven tags came out even better than the picture, the graphical detail was preserved and the dimensions ran true. Thank you so much!'

I am at the factory now letting them go to the people that are going to use them. 1/17


Woven Damask, Centerfolded

Yes, we received them and so far so good.

Have not had a chance to check all of the boxes,

but I’ll be sure to let you know if

we need anything else. 1/17


Woven Damask, Centerfolded

Woven Labels Cheap
All worked out great. Thanks again!!!! 1/17  
Custom labels for children

Yes, I received everything. Loved all the items!

They were done exactly as I wanted.
Thank you so much!
Look forward placing another order soon with you! 1/17


Woven Damask, End Folded

Yes I received them. They are cool.  1/17


Woven Damask, Iron on

Woven Damask Labels
Custom fashion labels

I received the labels and they look great!

Thank you & Happy New Year! 1/17


Woven Damask - Flat

Care Labels - Thermal Printed Synthetic

I was away and came home to a box of labels waiting for me. They're flat and should be fine now. Thank you very much for making them work this time. Much appreciated. 1/17


Digital Laser Printed Satin - Flat

Super soft satin labels
Custom woven labels cheap

I did receive the order and pleased with the result.

Thank you. 1/17

Woven Damask, Flat & Centerfolded

I received them and they are perfect. 1/17


Woven Damask, Centerfolded

Custom Woven Labels
Fashion Labels

yes everything was perfect thank you so much! Looking forward to doing more business with the company! 1/17


Woven Damask, Flat

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"I went with another company because their quote was cheaper, which was a mistake because I am not happy with their work. So I will need to make another order soon."

"I am starting to understand that to go with a lesser expensive company might not be the best option in the long run for quality and great service,like you have provided to me. It seems like these very low quotes may not be the quality we are wanting for our clothing. I appreciate that you have been so helpful with me on this as our company is just starting out and I am learning the ropes"

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