Custom Clothing Labels

Clothing Labels

We do custom clothing labels. 

What does this mean?

We can put most anything that you want on a woven label to make it uniquely yours. Our custom clothing labels are made from high quality materials to promote your brand and attract customers. Our custom woven fabric labels are great for your handmade items too. They are made to your specifications including logos, colors, and styles on your choice of fabric. How cool is that? 

Promote your brand with our woven custom clothing labels. Your brand and image is reinforced each time a customer looks inside their garment and notices your custom clothing label. Choose from a wide variety of materials to fit any fabric weight or size. Our printed labels are a nice alternative to our woven custom clothing labels. The printed labels are also highly customizable and allow you to use high-resolution images on your labels as well.  All of our labels say that you have arrived and they give you that unmistaken look of professionalism that all your items deserve!

clothing labels

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